#IShareCreativity Winners

Noken has rewarded the talent of four 3D creators in its #YoCompartoCreatividad challenge, an Instagram contest held during lockdown, which aimed to highlight creativity as an intangible value that "cannot be stopped."

Alberto Luque from Estudio Alm, Sergio Ruiz from Maverick Studio, Fernando Mejía, and Tatiana Núñez from Entre Dos Internos were the winners of the #YoCompartoCreatividad challenge, an expression of Noken's support for the creative community, sending out an inspirational message to the world during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Aimed at designers and creators all over the world, the challenge was to devise a project that would promote the creative culture. It could be a still life, a moodboard, an infographic or 3D design, with or without animation, a collage or any other artistic expression related to the theme of the bathroom. The only requirements were to include one of our products in 3D format (3D MAX, DWG, BLEND, MAX, OBJ), which can be downloaded from the website, and one element in the colour Klein Blue.

To show our appreciation of the designers' work, Noken has given the creators of the four winning projects four sets of Tono taps with special finishes, designed by Foster+Partner.

Creativity cannot be stopped and now it is more alive than ever!


About Alberto Luque

Cordoba designer Alberto Luque has created a surrealist scene using hyper-realistic 3D techniques that go beyond the possibilities of photography, making the unreal credible. His piece shows the area round a washbasin, the epicentre of hand hygiene to protect people's health at this time.

Alberto Luque has created a series of bathrooms where bubbles, a symbol of hygiene, take on a key role and converse with the other fixtures, which move and shake in a dialogue that casts doubt on the laws of physics, force and gravity.

This is a WOW effect in which the viewer wonders whether what the eye perceives is real or the result of digital manipulation.

Alberto Luque has an extensive background in design for the vehicle manufacturing sector in Germany and is currently working as a freelancer for the ALM studio in the interior design sector. A specialist in motion and 3D, he has done work for Mercedes, Porsche, Lufthansa, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bahn and Adidas, including the Mercedes 3D vehicle configurators.

For more information, see his portfolio.




About Sergio Ruiz 

A self-taught CGI specialist born in Barcelona, Sergio Ruiz moved from packaging design to 3D, inspired by other artists.

In a constant search to achieve virtual realism, Sergio Ruiz is a professional who has forged his destiny with passion and dedication. The founder of Maverick Studio, he has undertaken  interior design and architecture projects for leading studios and worked with other designers on them.

For more information, click here.




About Fernando Mejía

Fernando Mejía is from Colombia and, at just 23 years old, has been learning 3D for 3 years. He is self-taught and is also studying for a degree in Civil Engineering.

Passionate about the world of 3D and animation, he created a scale study based on a still life, in which a huge dispenser stands on a pedestal surrounded by structural and decorative bathroom items.




About Tatiana Núñez

Tatiana Núñez focuses on the intersection between Art and Design in the creation of her residential, hospital and hotel projects, mainly implemented in major tourist areas in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Aruba. She shares the Entre Dos Interiores studio with Geovanna Espinal. 

The previsualisation process is one of the keys to the success of her projects. As in her competition entry, she often reflects on the need to escape to an aspirational lifestyle. Tatiana has designed a bathroom without limits, in which the borders between the interior and the exterior are blurred by the view of the natural world seen through its large arches.

For more information about the project, click here.



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