How to organise your bathroom (and make your life simpler)

The art of organising your house is not a daily task anymore, but a revolutionary detox therapy that helps us have a calm mind which makes our lives simpler. Not only does it restore the balance between people, objects and the house

The art of organising your house is not a daily task anymore, but a revolutionary detox therapy that helps us have a calm mind which makes our lives simpler. Not only does it restore the balance between people, objects and the house, but it also turns these spaces into functional havens full of peace and emotional positivity.  

We are dealing with the mantra which the Japanese tidiness guru, Marie Kondo, preaches with her ‘KonMarie’ method. She has written several books about this and stars in a programme in Netflix (‘Let’s organise our stuff with Marie Kondo!’). As well as that, she has been added to the Times magazine list as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  


“Real life starts after you have organised your house”.  

Marie Kondo


The bathroom is one of the rooms in a house with the highest traffic during the day, as well as being a space where there is a build-up of objects. Its organisation not only gives people functionality and the opportunity to make the most of the space, but it also provides harmony in a space where getting away from the routine and relaxing is a must.  


How to organise your bathroom better: step by step

In the bathroom, making the most of the space is key.  

Sometimes, we have so many objects in the bathroom that it might be an issue when it comes to organisation. As well as that, full advantage is not taken of the space because of some items that we just never use. According to tidiness experts, the first step is to get rid of the things we never use and tidy everything up instead of just storing it away.  

  1. Put all the objects in the same place. 
  2. Get rid of things we never use. 
  3. Classify the items: a place for each object and in the right place. When sharing a bathroom, categorising the items and putting them in their right place is recommended.  
  4. Be aware of the available space, arrange and place each object in the right place. 
  5. Maintain daily discipline.


What is the most suitable furniture?

Organisation in the bathroom is focused on making the most of the space for the bathroom furniture in order to meet the function which it was created for: to store and let people reach their healthcare products, textiles and other objects easily, whilst they are hidden and stored away in the right place, therefore creating a bathroom which enhances both aesthetic and mental balance.  

To do this, the best option are the bathroom accessories, since they help to arrange and maximise every single centimetre of the furniture. Boxes, baskets, separators; all of them contribute to keeping the content of the bathroom furniture in compartments divided into categories. Accessories such as hangers, towel rails, toilet roll holders and bars result in keeping an aesthetic order regarding the objects that are used every day.




With regard to the bathroom furniture, there are a wide range of options available with Noken as far as designs and formats are concerned. From floor mounted to wall-hung furniture, which has a great storage capacity that leaves the lower part of the floor free for greater hygiene and accessibility.  

One of the smartest options are the Smart Cabinets, mirrors with a built-in storage system which is hidden with a dual function. 


como-organizar-bano-nature-cabinet-noken-mueble bano


The Nature collection offers a hidden cabinet at the side of the mirror which increases the storage capacity of the furniture, as well as providing greater visual clearance and width. An accurate reflection of the Nordic style which offers finishes in natural oakwood in the furniture and the XLight Premium ceramic from Urbatek, in the Calacatta marble finish for the wall tile. 




Some advice for organising the bathroom furniture

We offer some advice which contributes to improving the functionality of the bathroom space and the accessibility to the objects.  

  1. Items must be both visible and handy, since if they are not accessible, they will not be taken into account and therefore forgotten about.  
  2. Organise the objects depending on their size: if we follow the KonMari method, not only do we have to bring the objects with a similar use together, but we also have to consider their size.  
  3. Organise items depending on how many times they are used. Those objects that we use the most should be more accessible, in low shelves and at the front. However, those items which are used the least should be stored in high places or small spaces inside. 
  4. Make the most of the walls if there is not enough available space through the use of shelves. This will avoid worktops being used, which prevents the feeling of untidiness. 




How can we organise the space for the towels?

Beyond the classical ways of organising towels inside bathroom furniture,  or a cabinet, folded in half in a square shape, or the installation of bathroom towel bars, there are aesthetically fine ways of keeping them visible in order to match the decor. The first step is to have them classified in sizes.

One option is to roll them up and stack them evenly in a tube-like shape, on a shelf or inside decor baskets. There is another way which is more advanced: to have them folded in an envelope shape. They are folded in half with the longest part making up a square, then the longest side is folded up to the middle of the towel, the other half overlaps the previous one, and then one third goes up to the middle and the other side is put inside.


How can we organise a small bathroom? 

Tidiness in the bathroom becomes more necessary if we are dealing with small spaces, since the lack of space leads the objects to becoming piled up.

We offer some small bathrooms storage ideas to use all available space. The use of compact furniture with a great capacity is recommended, as well as multifunctional items such as cabinets with hidden storage behind the mirror. Furthermore, the use of the spaces like the walls will be key when wanting to enhance harmony. Installing shelves on the walls, hangers, bars or rails on the door; even decor accessories such as baskets will all help to take full advantage of the few centimetres available.

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