White and wood bathroom: warm, bright and spacious

Offering warmth and comfort with a timeless aesthetic, the combination of white and wood has the power to transform any space into an oasis of tranquillity.

Incorporating a white and wood bathroom into your interior schemes guarantees success, especially in smaller spaces: the combination maximises the sensation of spaciousness and brightness.

The magic of wood

Arquitect bath with Lignage taps and Carrara handles

Natural elegance

With its unique grain and warm tones, wood adds a premium edge to bathrooms.

We're committed to natural solutions, which is why we recommend incorporating white and wood bathroom furniture. It takes the visual appeal of the room further, providing a sense of connection with nature.

You could also add hints of neutral tones like grey to your white and wood bathroom. Our handcrafted pieces, like the beautiful Slender washbasins, elevate that natural feel.

Pure Line Glass thermostatic shower column + Joy S hand-held shower head + Acro Compact wall-hung toilet + Oval Smart Line dual flush plate + Urban C toilet roll holder + Acro Compact washbasin taps + Slender washbasin + Tono mirror+ Slate Mineral Stone shower tray

The touches of green also add a fresher feel to the room. If you want to know how to do this in your bathroom and learn which plants are right for the moist conditions, you might like Biophilic design, from the jungle to the bathroom.

Transformational warmth

Imagine sinking into the warmth of a bath clad in natural wood panels. The meticulously selected wood provides a close connection with nature, in turn creating an atmosphere that evokes serenity and relaxation.

The perfect moment to unwind and indulge in self-care, and just as perfect for your daily showering routine:

Pure Line Glass thermostatic shower column + Joy S hand-held shower head + Slate Mineral Stone shower tray + Acro Compact wall-hung toilet + Acro Compact washbasin taps + Slender washbasin + Urban C toilet roll holder + Urban C towel rail

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The purity of white

Slate shower tray + Square chrome recessed thermostatic shower column + Square shower head + Cota hand-held shower head

Brightness and spaciousness, ideal for compact bathrooms

White is a blank canvas, reflecting the light and creating a sense of endless spaciousness. This comes into its own in compact bathrooms, where the bright purity of white can work wonders.

Square chrome recessed thermostatic shower column + Square shower head + Square Slate shower tray + Cota hand-held shower head

White maximises the sense of space, turning even the smallest bathrooms into more welcoming, sophisticated spaces.

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White and wood bathroom: a symphony of styles

Oxo matt black washbasin tap + Slender washbasin + Oxo matt black shower column + Slate black shower tray

As shown in this scheme, black also fits well into a white and wood bathroom. Want to know more? Take a look at this post.

The perfect combination

The winning blend of white and wood creates a visual symphony, balancing purity with warmth. Our product range includes a number of outstanding bathroom units in this vein, with comprehensive solutions coveted by designers and architects alike.

White and wood bathroom unit: Functional elegance

Essence C walnut/matt black bathroom unit + Essence C white double washbasin + Swan matt black washbasin taps + Touch&Feel chrome recessed thermostatic shower column + Noken Energy 3-function hand-held shower head + I-Comfort Line toilet + Seasons shower head + I-Comfort Line round flush plate

Our white and wood bathroom units are more than aesthetically pleasing; they're incredibly functional. Hard-wearing wood is paired with practical white, creating storage solutions that meet customers' everyday needs.

High quality materials: durability and style

Our ranges include solutions that stand out for their design innovation, all created from high quality materials.

Every piece has been meticulously crafted to blend functionality with aesthetics, giving a wonderful sense of harmony to any bathroom.

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