White matt: The latest trend in the Premium bathrooms

El diseño de baño debe conseguir armonizar buen gusto, elegancia y practicidad. Así pues, la tendencia en baños Premium son los acabados en blanco mate.

Bathroom designs are becoming more and more important in relation to interior design. However, when opting for your bathroom design, you must be aware of the fact that a bathroom is a room for everyday use, since it must be comfortable, accessible and with easy-maintenance properties.

Achieving this space, and at the same time, finding the perfect balance among taste, elegance and practicality has become a priority, thus, the trend regarding Premium bathrooms turns out to be the use of a white matt finish.

At Noken, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s bathroom equipment firm, we bank on this material, and furthermore, we include it in both our sanitaryware and basins because of their high adaptability and capacity to provide the bathroom with a distinctive touch.


Noken Ceramic: High range ceramic in white matt

Its originality has turned this material into a real trend regarding bathroom interior design.

Apart from providing the room with a feel that is both pure and fresh, produced by the brightness of the white, the white matt Premium finish shows an elegant sober appearance, which brings both luxury and simplicity together.

With regard to its most practical features, white matt makes the bathroom have a cleaner finish, since it hides the marks and irregularities that are often noticed straight away by making both fingerprints and habitual reflections produced by daily use, invisible.

The bathroom equipment from Noken is made with Noken Ceramic, an ultra-compact highly resistant ceramic due to its baking at 1250º, which takes this sanitary ceramic to a higher level with planimetry allowances and demanding surfaces.

The selected raw materials, together with the NK Protect chemical formulation and its zero-porosity vitrified enamelling, not only make it unalterable, hypoallergenic and scratch resistant, but also completely unchangeable against heat shocks. As well as that, it is resistant to cracks and it is easy to clean and maintain.


Essence C sanitaryware: The sophistication of white

Essence C is the collection by Noken which best brings design, functionality and spaciousness together. The dominant white provides the bathroom with both a spacious appearance and a cosy feeling, which make it both more comfortable and a lot more pleasant.

In order to achieve this, the white matt has been the choice for the sanitaryware design from the collection, helping to get an elegant and sophisticated appearance, which creates a relaxing space.

Arquitect, Forma and Liem basins: natural white

The Arquitect collection is a series of soft, versatile and functional lines which achieves in balancing out the space in a simple, elegant and practical way. Its countertop and floor-standing versions with a fine edge adapt to this minimalist style by using white matt to create a bright and sleek aesthetic.

The Forma basins are characterised by their timelessness, and in turn, they present a contemporary bathroom which stands out because of its design of sinuous, light and unique lines. The Retto, Oval, Rondo and Square models are available in this finish; all of which are combined with the pop up waste ceramic cover also in white matt. Subtle luxury.

As well as that, Liem also includes the countertop basin in a white matt finish in the collection, with 7mm fine edges and round edges.

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