White & Black, the elegant contrast that gives exclusivity to bathroom design

El blanco y negro ha supuesto toda una revolución en el diseño de interiores. Sinónimo de lujo, su contraste se hace perfecto en el equipamiento de baños.

Karl Lagerfeld usually claims that “black & white always looks modern, whatever that word means”. The famous Chanel designer really loves the elegance of this chromatic contrast, a sumptuous mixture that seems to play with the contrast: light against darkness; simplicity and sobriety versus sophistication and refinement.

Just like with fashion, the use of these two opposing colours represents an entire overflowing revolution of exclusivity in interior design. Synonymous with luxury, its contrast is also perfect for incorporating in bathroom equipment. There is nothing more chic than a bathroom that is stylish, modernist and at the same time, classical. Because if we want to refer to a particular decorative style, it should achieve the versatility of this chromatic pairing. White and black connects naturally with classic contemporary or eclectic in a bathroom style atmosphere. The elegant mixture of B & W is also ideal with regard to being the star this Christmas. Its distinction and unique character make it a perfect choice for major events.

From a classic decoration inspired by the designs of the nineteenth century, the firm Noken from the PORCELANOSA Grupo shows us its collection for Imagine bathroom equipment. Due to its sinuous forms, this series radiates luxury and opulence as a result of the powerful aesthetic conjunction of black and white.

The Imagine collection plays with the shine as well as the light and the shadow. With the proper porcelain and perfect measurements, they may be capable to giving the room a bold classic look. Imagine is inspired by classical times to appeal to the luxury in the bathroom, a room that pays tribute to French high society.

The result is that black and white are not incompatible with modernity and being in the vanguard, Noken presents its Lounge collection, designed by the prestigious designer, Simone Micheli. Lounge brings the bathroom its minimalist design and its inspired products by the natural forms of water, synonymous with progress and contemporary style.

In the unique and aesthetically perfect black and white, Noken offers for bathroom equipment its basin taps in white Lounge tone; the Lounge Diamonds furniture as well as the Lounge mirror.

Another collection from Noken appealing to exclusivity in black and white is Urban. The collection incorporates delicate taps , which gives it timeliness, thanks to its versatility of creating perfectly functional bathroom atmospheres without sacrificing quality.

Entrusting to black and white, the elegant contrast that gives exclusivity to bathroom design, and in Noken we step into Christmas with both special magic and illusion. From the team of professionals who make up the bathroom equipment firm, PORCELANOSA Grupo, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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