Whirltubs with features and shower heads: The perfect combination for hydrotherapy bathrooms

Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, propone la combinación de sus bañeras con equipamiento electrónico con sus duchas y rociadores. ¡Descúbrelas!

The therapeutic benefits offered by water can be obtained in two ways: internally and externally. In an external way, we use the strength and properties of water through the skin. Internally, however, we absorb its benefits through the controlled consumption of medicinal recommended water, depending on their components for different diseases or symptoms.

A fully equipped bathroom for therapeutic hydrotherapy treatment influences that contribution of water as an essentially curative element for muscle injuries, common ailments and day-to-day stress.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from PORCELANOSA Grupo, recommends for the setting of this perfect integral bathroom, the combination of its advanced electronic whirltubs and its showers and shower heads, so in this way, it is the user who chooses their very own bath experience.


One of the equipment pieces that Noken offers for hydrotherapy treatment are its innovative whirltubs. Once in them, the whole body or part of it is immersed, looking for the perfect program which is suitable for the personal characteristics of each individual person. Water can be used at different temperatures, cold or hot and you can set the bath time according to the related ailment. These bathtubs also stand out because of their hydromassage system, a program recommended by specialists to combat stress, anxiety or insomnia, promoting benefits for both the body and the mind. In Noken’s product catalogue, you can check out the advanced whirltub models, such as Soleil or Minimal, the best equipment for a medicinal bath.

Showers and shower heads

Unlike in the bathtub, the hydrotherapy shower consists of fragmented water that impacts on the body from different orifices and at different heights. Also, each shower is different depending on the pressure exerted by the water on the body, and the water temperature.

Noken has different  rain showers models with chromotherapy, which, besides providing therapeutic showers with colour, they offer different water outlets, such as a waterfall function, a rain function, a jet function or a nebulizer function. Both Lounge and Seasons shower heads are the perfect models for this purpose, allowing for taking a shower full of sensations by plunging into a pleasant aura of relaxation. Noken also allows for adding side jets to the shower, which means we can take full advantage of a hydrotherapy treatment for the whole body.

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