Hydromassage bathtubs and other wellness treats

Hydromassage bathtubs and systems like NokenCare allows the user to enjoy totally relaxing custom-made moments that are adapted to their moods and their needs as well.

A world of unique sensations for their daily lives that depends on the programs offered by each equipment. The 'machine' connects with the user to offer the benefits of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy and disconnect; getting away from day-to-day stress and achieving maximum wellness.

Hydromassage bathtubs for the 5 senses

bañera hidromasaje wellnessTono bathtub with Care System

Bathtubs with Noken Care system for you to take better care of yourself

The Tono bathtub with Noken Care electronic equipment offers endless sensations. Noken Care is a Wellness treatment that revitalises the skin thanks to its micro-bubbles of oxygen. Cutting-edge technology designed for physical wellbeing that can be fitted in both built-in and freestanding bathtubs.

How do hydromassage bathtubs with the Care system work?

bañera hidromasaje wellnessHow the Noken Care System works

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Evolution, a must in electronic bathroom fittings

Electronic equipment for sophisticated cutting-edge hydromassage tubs, giving you a glimpse of tomorrow's bathroom.

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Cutting-edge, sophisticated equipment, which allows us to have a glimpse of futuristic bathrooms. It allows for diverse programs through the functional selection by using the digital pad, which includes hydrotherapy and chromotherapy. Evolution is the evolution of bathtubs with equipment, and for this, it brings together in itself the benefits of the hydro and air equipment, as well as: a hydro-relax system, rotating jets, hydro-jet dorsal and massage programs. With the hydro-relax program, there is a hydraulic circuit that is divided into three areas: dorsal, sides to feet, and the bottom of the bath. They can be activated either individually or combined. The rotating jets are provided with an internal propeller which causes a relaxing tingling feeling, whereas the hydro-jet dorsal system has a water outlet which produces a soft and light massage all around. Additionally, Evolution banks on two pre-programmed massages which combine the hydro and air system with the seven-colour chromotherapy. The first of them is softer, and the second is more intense, distinguishing themselves on the pad because of their different colours. Another of the Evolution features is the combination of water and air from the air-hydro jet. The water bursts the air bubbles when it hits them. In this way, it achieves an effervescent effect formed by the never-ending amount of small bubbles that promote oxygenation, which is good for the user’s skin.

bañera hidromasaje wellness

5 types of top electronic equipment for wellness baths 

You are about to discover 5 electronic systems for 5-star hydromassage bathtubs. Different options that each of them allows, always with control through extra-thin glass, anti-damp and humidity, and with a signaling LED keypad; very usable and with an easy-to-use system. From Hydro, Air, Fusion and Air +; to the most Premium, Evolution and Music equipment.

Discover the different options that each of them allows, always with control through extra-thin glass, anti-damp and humidity, and with a signaling LED keypad; very usable and with an easy-to-use system.

bañera hidromasaje wellness

Hydro: feel the power of water

Specialists recommend the whirlpool bath as a measure to combat not only stress, but anxiety and insomnia. In addition, it is a therapeutic treatment to 'heal' the body and revitalise the mind. Hydro is equipment that includes an 800W pump for a relaxing water massage; and hydro jet, whose ergonomics blend built into the walls of the hydromassage tub, offering unique sensations. The injectors can be tilted up to 45º, allowing the user to choose exactly where they want to have the massage. The flat design of the jets also makes the user feel a more pleasant sensation when the water comes into contact with their skin.

Air: gentle, all-round massage

Unlike Hydro, which is based on a water movement system, the Air equipment is based on air in order to create the hydromassage effect. In this case, the bathtub has a 400W blower that makes the air jet located inside the tub, give a gentle, all-round massageThe installation system of the air circuit itself and the inclusion of a non-return valve ensure that the water can never go in the wrong direction and reach the blower.

The other peculiarity of the Air equipment is related to the air jets, which simulate a professional massage on the body. The high-gloss chrome-plated brass jets are located at the base of the bathtub.

Air+: the influence colour has on our moods

Electronical equipment which includes the benefits of chromotherapy for the Air equipment. The healing powers of water through air propulsion joined to colour therapy, through a nice combination of lights and shades. Cold colours associated with relaxing, peace and quiet, and warm colours which give off energy and vitality. All of that combined with different water outlets which increase the beneficial effects for the mind, body and soul. With Air+, six chromotherapy led lights are included, whose set up allows for a smooth change over between each colour. As well as that, there is an option where the program can be stopped whenever you want, thus allowing the user to stop on which colour best provides the greater feeling of relaxation.

Fusion: water and air to enhance that 'wellness' moment

Fusion 'merges' the hydro and Air equipment in the same bathtub to make the experience much more complete. Water and air which, enhance the 'wellness' moment and turn the bathroom into a spa.

bañera hidromasaje wellness

Music: the technological revolution gets in the bathroom

Music is a premium electronic system for hydromassage bathtubs. It includes all the benefits of Evolution, but with three extra features:
  1. The disinfection programme.
  2. Chromotherapy in 30 colours.
  3. A Sound System using a Bluetooth connection.

The latter allows the user to make the most of the benefits of music therapy, through a system which has four speakers that offer a unique experience for our senses. The user feels the music through the speakers in a traditional way, as well as the changes in the intensity from inside the bath. A complete revolution in the concept of wellness influenced by the cutting-edge technology and innovation we are committed to.

→ If you prefer showering to bathing, you don't have to go without the countless sensations that hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy can bring you. Discover our wellness solutions in the shower and enjoy well-being in its purest form.

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