Home spa: How to take your wellness to the next level

Experience wellness in its purest form! With the benefits of our shower heads and Noken Care system, you'll have your own spa at home.

Now that we're spending more time at home, we're rethinking how we use the space and how much time we spend on looking after ourselves - as well as the resources we use up. 

One of the oldest methods of self-care is hydrotherapy: using water for our wellbeing - in any form, state or temperature. The benefits range from the way in which it can revive our energy levels and restore the flow of energy, to its purifying properties, capacity to balance blood pressure, revitalise, relieve pain and balance our body temperature.

Several studies have shown how effective chromotherapy can be to help us keep our emotions balanced so we are better prepared to face everyday life.

Meanwhile, aromatherapy harnesses the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to help us restore balance and harmony between body and mind to the benefit of our health and beauty.

Unique hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy solutions

With wellness solutions incorporated in the Noken shower, you'll be carried away by the sensation of the water immersing your body and mind. 

And with a wide variety of elements and finishes available, you can achieve a unique and personalised result:

  • Functions: discover multiple combinations and use rain, waterfall, mist, jets, hand shower and bath functions simultaneously with the Touch&Feel technology. This, combined with all the features of Noken Energy and Seasons shower heads, will give you the perfect wellness experience in your own home. 
  • Finishes: you can personalise the trims, and some models are available in a choice of chrome or matt black. You can also add the perfect touch with the versatile Finish Studio finishes.

Noken Care System: Pay tribute to your well-being

The bathtub has always been regarded as the epicentre of wellness, especially if it has a system like Noken Care. That's because this solution is perfect for dealing with the factors from our busy lives that affect the skin so we can take a step towards better self-care.

When the oxygen microbubbles touch your skin, you'll feel like you have a real spa bath at home because it:

  • Revitalises the skin.
  • Slows dehydration.
  • Activates cellular metabolism.
  • Boosts collagen levels from within the body.

In addition, the serotonin produced by the bubbles themselves makes the skin softer and more radiant, increasing this neurotransmitter that balances and improves both sleep and our cognitive functions.

How to turn a shower into a home spa

Our home spa shower solutions include options designed to heighten the senses and dedicate time to self-care, with flexible options combining hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. The goal? To enable you to create your own temple of relaxation, with cutting-edge designs inspired by the movement and continuous flow and transformation of water.

The outlets on our Wellness shower heads use hydrotherapy to create a truly sensory experience.

Plus, depending on the size and shape of the shower head, they offer the full spa experience, with rain, mist, waterfall and laminar-flow options. 

Shower heads with Noken Energy technology

In either form, the Round and Square shower heads with the Noken Energy system create a relaxing atmosphere with their caressing micro-droplet treatment.  Each nozzle has five fine holes, instead of one, that divide the spray into these micro-droplets. This creates a new, more immersive and relaxing feeling so you can enjoy a spa experience at home that will revitalise your body and mind

Shower handle with the Noken Energy System

The rain function of the new handle provides all the benefits of the Noken Energy system. In addition to the massage and jet functions to round out the shower experience, it also includes a system to clean the nipples on the shower head.

So beyond their wonderfully relaxing properties, Noken Energy shower heads also stand out for their practicality:

  • Micro-droplets: these shower heads will create an atmosphere of relaxation with their droplet treatment. The higher number of jets means the water falls in small, light-as-a-feather droplets on your skin. The result is an even more pleasurable shower.
  • Quieter: this silent, relaxing rainfall shower will envelop your body in the full spa experience, in your own home. The water exits the nipples silently, falling gently and creating much less sound than a standard shower head. Ideal for disconnecting and unwinding.
  • Less splashing: because the water flow is gentler on your skin, it splashes less too, keeping your bathroom cleaner.
  • Easy to clean: the silicone outlets are easy to clean, preventing the build-up of limescale....


Ceiling Noken Energy shower head

Seasons shower head

Seasons shower heads

And what if we add the vitality that the special finishes contribute to the shower-spa at home? The Seasons shower heads join the Finish Studio line with new finishes: mirrored stainless steel, black, gold, copper, titanium, brushed gold, brushed copper and brushed titanium.

They combine hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy to produce a sublime sensory experience.


Seasons shower head (brushed copper finish)

Aromatherapy, a variety of perfumes that evoke settings and environments that bring harmony and serenity to our energy, mental and physical centres.

Chromotherapy can help balance emotions. From a range of cold colours associated with relaxation and peace of mind, to the warm colours that offer so much vital energy. This practice, together with the effect of the different types of water flows, can provide extremely significant benefits to the body and mind.


Seasons shower head (chromotherapy)

Its benefits as a spa shower are capable of transporting us to a paradisiacal place to simply disconnect and enjoy a pleasant shower. Inspired by each of the phenomena of nature, the Seasons showerheads make us travel with their multiple possibilities: rain, waterfall, jets and nebulizer.

Thanks to their features, you will be submerged in a sea of sensations:

  • A wonderfully fresh sensation of wellbeing.
  • Intense and energetic massage.
  • A soft and gentle revitalising rainfall.

Touch&Feel technology

Our Touch&Feel technology and new thermostatic shower columns are much more efficient alternatives to a bath in terms of space and water consumption. Bring the transformative power of hydrotherapy to your everyday routine. 

Touch&Feel is a system with flexible settings that allows you to use the different water outlets simultaneously. With this high-tech solution, shower settings can be tailored to each individual, allowing various wellness functions to be activated at the same time, including rain, waterfall, jets, mist or hand shower.


This is a very intuitive system. A gentle touch changes the shower functions and allows you to submerge yourself in the benefits of hydrotherapy. 

Easy to install and maintain with its body built into the wall. The Smart Box version is pre-set for different functions, and is easily accessible for maintenance.You will never have to make holes in the wall.Plus, suitable for any project as it is supplied with an internal Project Line body. 

Thanks to this technology, you will be able to enjoy small moments of well-being and tranquillity every day of the year.

Touch&Feel shower column for your spa at home

New Square and Round thermostatic shower columns have been added to the Touch&Feel collection. An alternative with Wellness rain and hand shower functions, available in chrome as well as Finish Studio matt black. 


Touch & Feel shower column in matt black finish

The Touch&Feel shower column incorporates the Noken Safe Stop and Noken Thermotrust temperature control safety mechanisms, which increase comfort when using the spa shower at home.

Beyond the possibilities of solutions for enjoying your home spa, there are other bathroom trends to inspire you. 

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