Wellness Sensations: the new bathroom guide inspired by nature

El catálogo “Wellness Sensations” de Noken presenta todo un universo creado para disfrutar del momento de la ducha, uno de los más importantes del día.

And following these premises, the new "Wellness Sensations" catalogue provides the user with a world created to enjoy that moment in the shower, which is one of the most important moments of the day. This new product guide presents the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the showers which are designed to satisfy the desires and aspirations of the most demanding public, combining nature, functionality, quality and high technology.

In Noken, a catalogue has been created with the objective that both customers and distributors have all the information about the new products at their disposal. On the first few pages, this bathroom equipment firm makes its intention clear in relation to combining design and functionality when creating trends. As an expert company in creating sensations in the bathroom, the new innovations from the collection share the same thought as that by Leonardo da Vinci: "Water is the driving force of nature.




The importance of hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy

Inside the new catalogue, Noken proposes pieces of unique designs that revitalize the senses with solutions such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. The purity of the water along with the technology of the shower head designs and taps, offer significant benefits to the body and mind. These benefits are enhanced by the set of lights and the smell of essential oils. Therefore, in the user guide, the user can see what products have these wellness alternatives, along with having the references when choosing.

Digitalisation, key to sustainable water use

This catalogue also highlights the importance of tap digitalisation in order to enhance bathroom functionality. Always following the idea of a responsible and efficient use to save water, this company presents the concept of improving Noken Mood, with which the functions of each taps are set up, as well as the Air Eco technology, with which it creates a rain effect and, again, optimising the sustainable use of water.

We highlight the high visual impact of the new catalogue, especially in the section dedicated to trends, since images are capable of reflecting the concept of well-being and relaxation which the use of the products from the "Wellness Sensations" collection produces. And always, under the leitmotiv of "less is always more", this recently released new guide presents the cutting-edge products designed by Noken in a useful way, turning the bathroom into a contemporary space.




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