Water inspiration catalogue: creativity and design around water

En las páginas del nuevo catálogo “Water inspiration” encontramos elementos de puro diseño que responden al trabajo del arquitecto y diseñador Ramón Esteve.

Pure design is what we find on the pages of the new "Water inspiration" catalogue. A summary whose shapes, lines and careful photographs reflect the exquisite taste and work by the renowned architect and designer, Ramon Esteve.

"Water inspiration" projects, a concept around the movement and continuous flow of water through pieces of unique design that turn the bathroom space into a unique experience. A guide that Noken makes available to its customers and distributors in order to offer all the information about their new products in a detailed way. 

Commitment to quality and sustainability: the Noken manifesto 

When browsing through the first few pages of the catalogue, we come across Noken’s quality manifesto. A commitment to the attention to detail and the selection of the most outstanding raw materials, capable of meeting the wishes and aspirations of the most demanding customers.

Noken presents, on each of the pages, its more sustainable character through high-technology designs that make an economic and ecological use of water and energy.

Designs inspired by nature 

In addition, the "Waterfall Collection" acquires special relevance in the catalogue. Shower heads and bathroom taps inspired by the natural fall of water. With images of great visual impact, it takes a tour around the cutting-edge products inspired by nature to turn the bathroom into a contemporary space full of vitality and purity.

Catálogo Water inspiration-2

Inside, one can find endless collections, projects, compositions and premium products, as well as extracts evoked to meet the needs of some of the world's most prominent architects such as: Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Richard Rogers & Luis Vidal and Simone Micheli. 

Innovations for the future 

Subsequently, Noken’s commitment to innovation is also remarkable, since it has an endless number of elements that look towards the future through avant-garde technology that adapts to the needs and the lifestyles of the users. Among the products created through the brand's renewal momentum, the SmartBox built in mixers are highlighted, along with the chromotherapy vitality and the Noken Ceramic® sanitaryware.

Download the catalogue here.

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