Wallpaper for bathrooms: a new skin for your walls

Wallpapered bathrooms are trending again, and this time they're back with a new take on the vintage aesthetic. Eyes will be drawn to these new, captivating skins that will fill your bathroom with personality.

The time has come to look beyond traditional tiled walls. The trend for wallpaper in bathrooms took the 1960s and 70s by storm, and now it's back and stronger than ever, with designs straight from the world of fashion and textiles. And it's here to stay.

Your bathroom is a blank canvas. It's where you can create a room with an identity of its own, and wallpaper offers the perfect solution to set yours apart from the rest.

Bathroom wallpaper: L'Antic Colonial, for pure sophistication

The SKINS WALLPAPER collection by L'Antic Colonial is a range young in character and spirit. The brand has taken a glance back to the cosmopolitan style and interiors of the past, using this as inspiration to bring wallpaper back to the bathroom.

How to choose the right wallpaper for your bathroom

Using wallpaper in the bathroom will transform the feel of your bathroom, injecting it with new sensations and emotions. SKINS wallpaper brings design and technological innovations together in perfect harmony. The result? Easy-to-install wallpaper that's washable and resistant, which is precisely what you need in the bathroom or kitchen where moisture levels are high.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas

Get inspired by designs brimming with beauty and exquisite detailing.

The rich look of the BUCKINGHAM Collection will transport you back to a time of classic, elegant walls. The collection comes in four colours. Here we have Taupe, a grey and white bathroom wallpaper design paired with Lignage taps designed by Ramón Esteve. The new brushed gold finish lends the space incomparable charisma.


DREAMLAND, meanwhile, is a bathroom wallpaper design made for those who love graphic patterns inspired by classic Art Deco architecture and lines. The Rosé colour, married with brushed gold Lignage taps with recessed handles, simply breathes elegance and simplicity. The ideal - yet safe - choice for someone looking to integrate pink wallpaper into their décor scheme.


If you're looking for something softer and more serene, take a look at the beige Taupé colour palette combined with matt accents.


Looking for something more exotic? FICUS would make a fine bathroom wallpaper choice; the botanical design in turquoise will give your room a breath of fresh air. Again, the Lignage taps, here with a textured handle, will add rich detailing to your look and elevate your aesthetic further.


If you like what you see, take a look at the rest of the L'Antic Colonial collection. Get inspired: SKINS WALLPAPER

Which wall will you choose?

Wallpapering your bathroom goes beyond adding decorative value. You can also use it to zone your different areas.

You could, for example, use it in the washbasin and mirror area. It's a way of indirectly highlighting these elements and providing a focal point sure to capture everyone's attention.

Another option is to use it in conjunction with tiles. Hang wallpaper on all four walls, tiling the lower portion, creating a skirting board effect. This lessens the overall impact of the paper on the space, which is something to consider - especially for smaller bathrooms. In this instance, you're best sticking with lighter shades of wallpaper in prints with a smaller repeat, such as our Tarian series in Beige.


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