Wake up rituals: The bathroom design that saves us a few minutes in the morning

Bathroom design is an ally for achieving this transforming effect. Therefore, it is essential to have the equipment which makes moving around the bathroom easier, along with a design where practicality helps us get a head start in the morning.

Waking up is linked to sunrise. However, due to our work schedules, most days everything starts with a loud alarm going off, the alarm clock that makes us go through the waking up process in a hurry.

The leading room in any home which we relate to is none other than the bathroom. And precisely, the design of this space can make the transition of waking up and connecting with the day smoother and more pleasant, contributing to an improvement in our frame of mind with which, we will face the day ahead.

The key is: to have a serene and practical atmosphere and follow a series of steps in our morning ritual; beginning with ourselves and our gaze in front of the mirror.




How to design the bathroom for a more beneficial waking up process

While the end of the day gives us the necessary time for a long, relaxing soak in the bath, sometimes at the beginning, our lifestyles can make everything become far too strenuous. In spite of this, we cannot forget about the fact that those first few minutes get us going in preparation for a productive day.

Bathroom design is an ally for achieving this transforming effect. Therefore, it is essential to have the equipment which makes moving around the bathroom easier, along with a design where practicality helps us get a head start in the morning.


1. Go for adjustable lighting


Designing a bathroom that has the option of having soft lighting, which can be increased gradually, enhancing that moment of self-reflection.


2. Bank on having everyday objects within arm’s reach


Bathroom furniture and accessories provide the optimisation of time, which simplifies the beginning of our day. One way to achieve this is to sort your belongings out so that when you have less time, what you usually use and need are always in the most accessible spaces and within arm’s reach.

You should include bathroom furniture with large drawers under the basin in your design, more centimetres of storage and units, and auxiliary furniture at waist height.



The Essence-C wall-hung bathroom furniture


3. Get some gadgets for relaxation


Mirrors with built-in Bluetooth technology allow electronic devices to be connected, like smartphone for playing music with. Models like the Pure Line Wood mirror also have anti-fog technology and built-in low consumption LED lighting. A bathroom mirror which connects us to the day and which improves our bathroom experience, creating calm atmospheres for a more gradual transition from sleeping to waking up.



The Pure Line Wood mirror with a Bluetooth connection, anti-fog and LED lighting


 4. Take a stimulating shower, a daily therapeutic ritual


Water transforms us. The benefits of hydrotherapy are both the reactivation of energy and the restoration of energy flow. They are attributed purifying properties, as well as being able to balance blood pressure; with other properties such as being revitalising, offering pain relief and balancing body temperature. The shower heads with combined water outlet functions, namely: rain, column and cascade; are the perfect equipment for the morning shower.

Combining water with colour, aromas and a balanced atmosphere multiplies this transformation. Chromotherapy is a fully functional practice which can establish an emotional balance which helps us to deal with our daily lives. With chromotherapy and aromatherapy, the Wellness shower heads from the Seasons program have four water functions, and they are: indoor rain, peripheral rain, nebuliser and indoor rain+ peripheral. There are also three aroma packs: kenzo, energy and relax; recreating a custom-made atmospheric lighting.



The Season shower heads with chromotherapy and aromatherapy


 5. Technology for usability


Nowadays, technology helps us to improve our experiences. In the shower, devices like Touch & Feel have intuitive keyboards which activate functions in the shower with the slightest of touches, which allow them to be combined.

Solutions like thermostatic taps contribute to having greater comfort by keeping the temperature constant, even in the case of other taps in the same home being opened. Besides, the thermal stability and the speed with which the sought-after temperature is reached, allow energy and water to be saved.



Touch & Feel thermostatic taps: only the slightest of touches is required to change the shower functions, or even to combine them


6. Start the morning off by saving time and water


Sustainable technology helps make the shower a time for recharging our batteries without wasting any natural resources.

WaterForest is the sustainable concept which we bank on. It includes a series of products which help us save water. The Air ECO technology for shower heads and hand showers mixes water with air; increases comfort; reduces energy consumption by up to 10% and reduces CO2 emissions by heating less water.

Reducing the time spent in the shower makes us gain minutes and save energy. According to the WHO, 20 litres of water per minute are used in the shower. By reducing time and the flow with the WaterForest products, we can reduce resources by up to -85%.

Morning routines which increase our productivity


It is advisable to always think ahead and get up with enough time to have a calm shower and a balanced breakfast. Experts recommend following some guidelines which help us face the day with more energy, meaning, with energy rituals to start the day.


1. Get up every morning at a similar time in order not to break our sleep cycle and do so with a soft and gradual rhythm.


2. Practice some stretching, yoga or non-intensive cardiovascular exercises to improve your energy.


3. Drink a glass of water. You will hydrate body cells and recover fluids lost from a night of sleeping.


4. Take a comforting shower. This is an infallible method to clear your mind. You can be inspired by the traditional Japanese bath; changing the temperature and finishing it off with cold water.


5. Keep your phone out of sight and enjoy the start of the day on your own with no distractions.


6. Have breakfast every morning in a quiet, varied and balanced way. If you have little time, you can have green smoothie, fruit juice or a vegetable smoothie.

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