Vitae taps: advanced design inspired by water and organic shapes

La colección Vitae ha supuesto una revolución para el baño. Una colección integral que se presenta como pura, auténtica y basada en el origen de la vida.

The Vitae collection has meant a revolution for the bathroom concept. An integral bathroom collection, which has not only kept hold of Zaha Hadid’s avant-garde design essence, but it is also shown as pure and authentic, as well as being based on the source of life.

This is the reason why Zaha Hadid coined this revolutionary collection for Noken as the name of Vitae, which means ‘life’ in Latin, since it depicts the movement of water, where all forms of life have their source. Vitae is smooth, dynamic, transgressive, and furthermore, it is a bathroom collection which invites us to look to the future, thanks to its technological sustainable touch.

Taps Vitae collection

With regard to the taps, they turn out to be one of the key elements in the Vitae collection. Because of both their sinuous representative shape and the fact of being based on organic shapes, this has meant a before and after regarding the bathroom equipment regarding its use. Its design achieved the Most innovative design award at the iSaloni Milan, thus, it was able to captivate the visitors at its launch.

Both its strength and character are so excellent that they provide the bathroom with an important aesthetic value, and furthermore, they stand out because of their functionality and comfort offered by such an advanced design. It is worth highlighting its innovative opening and closing system, which looks for the ideal balance between ergonomy and design. Likewise, Vitae has ECO awareness and banks on sustainability. The taps have a flow rate limiter which limits water consumption by up to 5 litres/min, and, additionally, they also have an aerator, which has the American Watersense certificate as the environmentally friendly product that it is.

The taps are available both in chrome and gloss white. The latter; Zaha Hadid’s favourite finish, since it blends perfectly into the Vitae basin, showing itself as an only uniform element.

Again, it is worth mentioning the integral concept of the Vitae bathroom, offering taps, basin, sanitaryware, bathtub, mirror and a shower column. A complete bathroom which looks to become a real icon, as well as one which will affect design in the coming decades.

VITAE by Zaha Hadid Design from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.

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