VITAE at iSaloni

Noken presenta en iSaloni (Milán) la serie VITAE de Zaha Hadid mediante un preview exclusivo que permitirá disfrutar al público de un nuevo concepto de baño

Noken shows at iSaloni, Milano, the new VITAE series by means of an exclussive preview that will allow every enthusiast of design enjoying of a new bathroom concept.

VITAE. The essence of Zaha Hadid.

Water as source of life is the element that Zaha Hadid Design has taken as inspiration in order to conceive VITAE, the new collection that has been created for Noken, the bathroom equipment company.

Knowing VITAE and its conception is entering into the origin of life, where every water particle evokes each element of the collection. However, it is more than bathroom equipment. Zaha Hadid has created an entire experience in which nature and design converge organically.

Dynamic forms and an avant-garde character make VITAE an integral collection that features elements to build a bathroom as a whole.

Its fluid and curvilinear lines evoke the relation of sea shells, how the perform so well in water and how water flows through them. VITAE also has beautiful pieces that remind us of the spectacular designs created by Zaha Hadid.

If you want to learn more of VITAE come and see at iSaloni, Hall 11 A25 A29 from April 12th to 17th, where you will enjoy the birth of a new bathroom concept.

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