Urban-C: practical bathrooms at the service of contemporaneity

Un marcado espíritu práctico y una singular visión creativa consolidan la colección para el baño Urban-C de Noken. Diseño, innovación y sostenibilidad.

Both a strong practical spirit and a unique creative view make up the complete Urban-C bathroom collection by Noken. Starting from the concept of an integral design making the bathroom an exclusive space, this series for bathroom equipment banks on functionality, but without compromising the contemporary and ultra-cosmopolitan line and finishes. By means of Urban-C, in other words, a collection based on a perfect design for modern bathrooms, the user can get solutions that both inspire and excite, and furthermore, that have little maintenance properties which really impress. Its quality goes further than common bathrooms, and sustainability is definitely a must, a feature which is vital in all the bathrooms of the future. With regard to its aesthetics, Urban-C shows a fine design of soft curves and an intense freshness. Characteristics which, together with the outstanding simplicity and the finest elegance, are able to entice contemporaneity.


Urban-C basins and sanitaryware: ecology and design together

The aesthetics of the lightness regarding the Urban-C collection is portrayed throughout captivating practical designs for the basin. Ranging from a 60cm wall-hung model where a pedestal can be included, to another 60cm countertop basin or the option of a smaller basin, 45cm wide and with a semi-pedestal. A complete basin catalogue creating style and dominating the shapes, and which turns out to be an option capable of both ensuring user-friendliness and enhancing the quality of life.

In terms of ecology and sustainability, the Urban-C collection meets efficiency by means of its ECO designs for sanitaryware. Its catalogue brings together floor sanitaryware with an adjustable outlet, as well as floor sanitaryware with a vertical outlet and back to wall sanitaryware with an adjustable outlet. All of them have an innovative ECO toilet flushing  system, which is able to save a huge amount of water, since it is possible to choose between 2 flush system models: 3 and 4,5 litres. Furthermore, the outlet can be either vertical or horizontal and the option for a floor bidet is included. Likewise, the Urban-C collection offers the alternative of a slow closing seat, which enhances comfort thanks to its ergonomic essence.

Innovative minimal-styled taps

The taps from the Urban-C collection combine avant-garde design with both high quality and functionality. It is worth highlighting its original cascade-effect water way, which is able to provide it with a sophisticated and distinctive touch, completely different from other taps. Furthermore, it is available in three versions: single lever basin, high spout single lever basin, and wall mounted basin mixer, thus, fulfilling both every user’s needs and the type of the bathroom.

Apart from its unique water way, the Urban-C taps are highlighted by the integration of the LED lighting technology, whose appearance changes colour depending on how cold or hot the water comes out. This way, it is possible to feel the water temperature without touching it, and as a result of this, the bathroom experience becomes unique and very transgressive. Likewise, this system does not need any power supply, as it is a dynamo which generates it because of the water flow; and it is self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Technology at the service of comfort

The innovative character of the Urban-C taps goes hand in hand with ecology and environmental friendliness. The flow rate has been limited without compromising comfort, thus, achieving a huge amount of running water which never goes further than 4 litres per minute. These Urban-C taps not only enhance water saving and encourage sustainability, but also provide easy-to-install properties. Furthermore, they ensure and extend the service life of the LED lighting system thanks to the angle valve with filter equipment.

Practical accessories that make our everyday routine easier

At home, we need to be surrounded by those things which may make our lives a bit easier. Harmonious details which, even though they are not the centre of attention, the lack of them may make our lives much more difficult and less practical. Urban-C has designed its accessories so that nothing is lacking in the bathroom, by offering a wide range of decoration possibilities, and thus, becoming that unquestionable worthy key piece for the user and their everyday enjoyment.

Decorating with light. Making design bright.

Making bathroom design even brighter is possible thanks to the latest designs in wall lamps. By means of Urban-C the rooms are excellently decorated and filled up with light, thus, creating personal dimmed atmospheres, without compromising the carrying out of any activity in the bathroom area.

These wall lamps are also fitted with the LED lighting technology, and they focus on sustainability. They leave both mercury and tungsten apart and reduce the pollutant C02 up to 80%. On the other hand, their service life is long, much more extensive than the conventional lights.

All the wall lamps by Noken are suitable for using in the bathroom, since they have an IP 44 protection factor. It is also worth highlighting the energy-saving properties of these wall lamps, which range from 3 to 5 watts, and operating on 12 volts.

The Urban-C is that integral solution for modern bathrooms that joins functionality, elegant design and the most cutting-edge technology all together.

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