Urban-C: contemporary bathrooms where every centimetre counts

El diseño es muy importante en un baño en el que cada centímetro cuenta. Urban-C Noken concibe productos de baño adaptados a espacios pequeños.

Design is very important in a bathroom where every centimetre counts. For this reason, Noken comes up with both elegant and contemporary bathroom equipment products, but at the same time, possessing a functional aesthetic adapted for small-sized bathrooms.

From basins and bathroom furniture to the most practical and minimalist sanitary ware, Noken offers the possibility of simplifying the bathroom and reducing it to a minimum, but without sacrificing high technology and innovation that makes day-to-day living more simple and comfortable. In addition to this, a simple, comfortable, practical and well-distributed space will help you take advantage of every single corner of the room, without having to give up even one millimeter of space.

Urban-C: the perfect collection for small bathrooms

The Urban-C collection from Noken is a contemporary and modern bathroom line, which includes recessed sanitaryware. Its smooth and sinuous curved lines provide the bathroom atmosphere with great freshness, together with a simplicity which never fails, which together, contribute to the setting up of a modern-day bathroom.

Regarding the basin, this is also reduced in size, with a 45 centimetre design and semi-pedestal preventing the unnecessary waste of space in the room. For its part, the bathtub focuses on the use of any corner, for instance an enclosed space at the back of the bathroom and under a large window. In this case, we opt for the bathtub from the Acore collection, which is positioned horizontally occupying the full width of the bathroom. As well as this, we can find a heated towel rail above, allowing practical access to items such as one’s bath robe, dressing gown, and towels.

It is possible to visually expand a bathroom if you know how to

When taking a chance on the equipment in a small bathroom, the distribution of the elements is as important as it is to follow a series of tips that will make your compact bathroom appear much bigger. One of these elements is natural light. This must enter to a large extent in order to make the room get illuminated, and furthermore, seem wider. Therefore, putting in large windows is an unequivocal bet in these cases, as well as the natural light coming directly from the back.

Moreover, it is also crucial to bank on a colour range which favours clarity and brightness. Choose light neutral colours in the decoration and the equipment; and your bathroom will apparently become bigger and more amplified.

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