Trends for spring summer: colours to brighten up your 2022

The current trend for creating relaxing and harmonic spaces, to improve our overall wellbeing, continues to gain ground in the upcoming spring-summer season. This is a season where luminosity, joy and fun come to the fore with a wide range of pastel colours.

When it comes to choosing the primary tone, it is especially important to consider your wellness, as this is a space that is designed for your self-care and relaxation. As such, some of the spring colours which are trending in the world of interior design are those greens and blues which connect us to nature and can improve our sense of wellbeing.

The key elements of this bathroom are its pastel colours which transport us to an endless summer, bringing both light and softness. The fact that they are so easy to combine with white and other neutrals makes them perfect for creating fun, happy everyday spaces which elevate the serotonin levels.

The spring-summer season is the ideal time to give them a go. It is this duality and the ease with which they can be combined with lighter or darker products which makes it easy to transition to pastel colours throughout the year.

Spring colours that evoke the natural world

Colours like crocodile green, Arctic blue and sunset blue by Finish Studio can transport us to the most remote parts of the natural world, bringing light and energy to our bathrooms.

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarArctic blue toilet

The energy and vitality of the crocodile green finish, in particular, connects us with nature's most primitive side.

Looking beyond colour, the combination of these shades with natural materials like stone is the key to creating a space of renewal.

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarCrocodile green bathroom

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarArctic blue sink

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarCrocodile green toilet

Spring colours to bring joy and fun to the bathroom

The desire to implement vitality and optimism after these years of turmoil, leads us to integrate a splash of colour into our homes.

In our new catalogue you will find our suggestions to use these shades to create unique spaces, breathing new life into the décor of your bathroom. This spring, flamingo pink and canary yellow shouldn't be overlooked.

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarFlamingo pink bathroom

Pink works well with a wide variety of combinations with other pastel shades and with white, as well as with wood to offer warmth to your bathroom. A retro combination to join the seventies trend.

For its part, the canary yellow combined with other similarly fresh tones, such as the crocodile green, provides visual balance in an eye-catching space.

Canary yellow toilet

Pastel shades which are as neutral as they are inspiring

When it comes to creating spaces which are both elegant and welcoming, warm shades such as pastel beige and chocolate brown are the perfect options.

tendencias-primavera-verano-colores-iluminarBeige pastel toilet

The grey fusion offers endless possibilities within our new colour proposals for home and bathroom interiors which have been compiled in the Finish Studio catalogue.

These colours also touch on nature, inspired by sand, earth and stone, and transport us to a space where wellbeing is of the utmost importance.

If you like these spring colours and their ability to turn each project into an oasis of light, don't miss our new features catalogue to brighten up your bathroom in 2022.

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