Trends for bathrooms in 2015: Pure White

Las posibilidades estéticas de los elementos decorativos y piezas de mobiliario en blanco, son una de las claves indiscutibles de este luminoso color

The aesthetic possibilities of the decorative elements and furniture pieces in white are one of  the undeniable key points of this shining colour, which is capable by itself of making spaces look bigger, and making the existing light look widely multiplied in any room no matter how small or gloomy it is. The architects and interior designers are fully aware of the aesthetic power of the colour white, using it either in monochromatic atmospheres contrasting with elements in black, or to combine white together with some other vivid colours.

These qualities can also be extrapolated to the bathroom environment, where the white tones have become a classic which never turns out to be old-fashioned because of the hygiene and cleanliness one can find in the spaces where this colour tone rules. Being aware of this decorative trend being in increasing demand, Noken provides both professionals and users alike with a wide range of equipment to create elegant and light bathrooms.

One of the main elements in any bathroom is the basin, which is becoming more and more important with regard to ornamental importance. Noken offers avant-garde designs, such as the complete Mood ceramic washbasin, which includes a worktop by Krion® with space for towels and a soap dispenser, a sample of the original collection designed by Richard Rogers & Luis Vidal; another notable feature is the smart design by Simoni Micheli, characterised by suggestive-lined basins from the  Lounge series, with the  floor standing  and  countertop versions.

Another point worth mentioning from its careful attention to detail and design are the bathroom taps  in the white, with versions that highlight the stylised Urban C bathroom high spout basin tap, the formal purity of the Urban single lever basin tap or the aesthetic minimalism of the Lounge high spout single lever basin tap with flow-breaker and without pop-up waste. Special attention because of its amazing design should be made to the Mood single lever basin tap and the  Mood digital mixer basin tap which allows for precise control of the temperature and flow, both of them designed by the architect Luis Vidal.

As far as the shower bathroom taps  are concerned, one can find some pieces which perfectly define the brand identity signs, such as the geometrical lines of the Urban shower bathroom tap, the formal beauty of the  Mood handshower, or the Lounge rain function shower head.

Not probably over-emphasised, we can find the sanitarywares, with toilets in different formats and sizes, designed and built to adapt to each user’s needs.  In the catalogue, we can see a wide range of toilets and bidets by Noken, available in a white finish, it is extended with the innovative design of the Mood sanitaryware, with a hygienic cover in Krion® and a wall cover with white flash buttons.

To sum up, Noken has got modern and current furniture products, such as the Lounge Capitoné bathroom furniture, and accessories available in the white finish: mirrors –Lounge mirror-, Robe hooks , wall mounted soap dispensers and tumbler holders –Giro and Arquitect- which allow  every single detail in the most exclusive bathroom environments to be taken care of.

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