How to choose bathroom furniture: when functionality also decorates

When opting for bathroom furniture, there is so much more than colour or style that have to be decided on. Interior design is, above all, a problem solver, and it must always be based on people and the use of the design.

The first step in bathroom design is the planning of the space, and only the definition of the layout will establish the available space and the bathroom furniture placement. From this moment, there are a set of decisions which must be made in order to find the furniture which will best meet people's needs.


  1. Think about the use for which the space is intended.
  2. Define its distribution.
  3. Plan the bathroom furniture placement.
  4. Measure the available space to adjust the measurements in width, depth and height.
  5. Only a few metres in the bathroom? Take full advantage of the available space with furniture that optimises storage and several functions in one.
  6. Which style defines you?
  7. Decide on which type of furniture: with legs, floor standing or wall-hung furniture.
  8. Decide on the finish, its materials and colours.


You can go for a bathroom with big dimensions or a small bathroom, and the end result will be the same: optimise every cm, make your everyday life easier, and find an aesthetic which fits in with your lifestyle. Therefore, there is no perfect furniture, but perfect bathroom furniture for each project.

With practicality as a maximum requirement, the wide range of bathroom furniture that we have, will make the choice much easier. Futurist inspired designs for the most visionary, and bathroom furniture which reinvents and modernises what is classic, along with contemporary and minimalist aesthetics.


Tile: multi-purpose furniture with XLight porcelain skin

Tile bathroom furniture reproduces the essence of classic marble through its XLight Premium porcelain tile by Urbatek, with two finish options, namely: Aged Dark Nature and Lush White Polished.

Available in 80cm and 120cm width, this furniture is a wall-hung unit with a large storage drawer coated with the XLight Premium extra-slim porcelain tile by Urbatek. Resistance and high storage capacity with a timeless and sophisticated design in a marble finish which adapts with great subtlety to any type of bathroom.

Its interior does not leave its premium character aside, and furthermore, it has natural wood which provides warmth and distinction to the set.

If a 100% comprehensive bathroom is sought-after, the furniture can be combined with the wall tile in the same finish.



Pure Line Wood: wood is included in the bathroom

The contact with what is natural enhances harmony in the bathroom and a more authentic and comforting experience. Banking on genuine materials, like wood in the bathroom, is one of the ways to design a balanced and timeless space.

We return to the robust wood, and we adapt this fine and delicate material to meet the needs of a wet room by means of technology in its development which, makes it capable of withstanding any contact with water.

Through symmetry and geometric elegance, aesthetically the Pure Line Wood bathroom furniture combines the robustness of wood with a metallic structure with legs which visually make it a light option.


The Essence-C furniture: the exquisiteness of black with natural walnut wood

We raise the tone. With Essence-C, we combine metal in black matt with walnut wood. The sophistication is provided by black; wood appeals to the fine materials’ origin, warmth and cosiness. The wall-hung metal structure is available in 80cm or 140cm width and it is completed with the single or double bowl basin from the collection. The finish of the drawer handle is in black matt, and the interior is finished in a leather-like laminate. Both the drawer and the structure allow for a large storage capacity with soft-close, silent and slow closing.



Hotels: resistant wood for contract bathroom projects

The requirements in a contract project had made wood a material to be avoided. However, this maxim has been overcome due to some treatments which make it unalterable when in contact with water.

The Hotels structure weightlessness fits in perfectly with projects in which storage is not a priority, which is the case with hotel projects. Made with natural ash wood, it is a solution for wall-hung basins with a minimalist design which includes a lower shelf for greater functionality.



Liem: we reinvent the vintage style

Liem is bathroom furniture which comes with a 120cm width in a grey finish which is presented in two versions: wall hung and floor standing. Its worktop is made of XTone, with all the properties offered by the sintered mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Grupo. Also, it has mouldings and legs in natural American walnut wood. A beautiful piece of modernised romanticism.



Nature Furniture: intelligent simplicity

The bathroom furniture from the Nature collection represents the serenity of the Scandinavian style with a set of low natural oak furniture with XLight Premium ceramic worktop by Urbatek with a Calacatta marble finish, and a mirror with a hidden cabinet which really increases the storage capacity by providing visual cleaning.



NK concept bathroom furniture: functional minimalism 

The NK Concept collection is one of the most minimalist series by Noken. With pure and infinite lines, the NK Concept bathroom furniture has a medium size wall-hung unit that stands out because of its great adaptability, being a great option for urban bathrooms with small dimensions. The fact that it is furniture that comes without handles provides visual lightness in its units, but it takes advantage of the space below the basin for storage.



Lounge bathroom furniture: Sobriety and distinction

The Antracita Lounge wall-hung cabinet is presented as a piece of furniture with a sober and distinguished look. The furniture structure is lacquered in a high-quality gloss, counting on a front in anthracite colour tempered glass, the same material as the countertop. Externally, the drawer handle, made of natural oak, stands out on the cabinet.

Inside, the furniture is made in an anthracite grey. It has a large storage capacity, offering a large space for storing all those everyday bathroom products. Regarding the drawer, this is made up of several units and an oak tray, thus enhancing the sense of order and harmony.



Arquitect bathroom furniture: cutting-edge elegance 

The Arquitect wall-hung bathroom furniture is available in two sizes, which are 80cm and 120cm, and in two finishes: black and grey, done so in order to provide the space with elegance and lightness. The support surface has been treated with Fenix NTM®, a nanotechnological material which provides the furniture with innovative and revolutionary features. This work in R&D allows for achieving a nice texture which is soft to touch, adding a new feature to the market, since the surface scratches can be repaired by applying heat to the damaged area. Thanks to the qualities of this exclusive piece coupled with an outstanding design, we discover a new concept for the bathroom.

The elegance for the furniture is provided by the mirror in a copper finish, installed in the front part, behind some original slats. A unique piece which impresses everyone because of its elegance and avant-garde design, thanks to the most modern and technological advances by Noken for today’s world.


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