‘Bold’ trend: curves with a desire to stay

The 'bold' trend is related to the breaking of rules and conventions in which to flow like water is to approach the human and the natural.We are leaving geometric lines behind to give way to freedom. Dejamos atrás líneas geométricamente perfectas para dejar paso a la libertad.

This style is inspired by the forms of nature to achieve that soft effect in interior design. 'Bold' conveys calm to give rise to comfortable and personal designs, moving away from cold spaces.

Enhancing the 'bold' effect

The sense of protection generated by curved lines is a feeling we need in our homes. Subtle details that do not draw the eye at first glance, but which can be perceived by our senses, by our mood. That enveloping and peaceful effect caused by 'Bold'.


The Forma collection, defined by its outstanding curvatures, generates that feeling of tranquillity and freedom in the space that we currently desire so much. Rounded edges and lines that shun the conventional and geometric, evoking the curves of the body and projecting its naturalness.

'Bold' trend: when opposites attract

The current situation pushes us to look for lively spaces around us. Naturalness and comfort through warm minimalism, in which organic forms have come back to stay.

'Bold' brings together two opposites: minimalism and warmth. The trend creates spaces where only what is necessary for comfort and warmth is present. The 'less is more' that rejects the frigidity of minimalism while striving for absolute perfection.

This rule-breaking is evident in the Round tap, with its rounded designs simulating the fluidity of a droplet of water alongside its lightweight aesthetic, an accomplice of minimalism.

Softened elegance with a vision in which everything must have a function, but through the philosophy of "keeping it simple".


Liem and Vitae: Curvilinear designs.

The Liem collection is inspired by the timeless style, in which the combination of fine materials with XTONE merge to give way to elegant pieces. Soft shapes with romantic brushstrokes that transform the bathroom into a harmonious and natural place.

Liem follows the 'Bold' trend with its mastery of curved and organic lines, proposing harmonic bathrooms with calm tones that enhance the warmth of the bathroom. Liem is a fusion of the old and the contemporary.


Innovative and futuristic, this is Vitae, designed by Zaha Hadid. Its liquid and dynamic forms allow for the creation of fluid compositions, thanks to lines that evoke the fluidity and strength of running water.

Maximum expressiveness with elongated shapes that amplify spaces.

Winding and curvilinear designs soften and lessen the symmetry of the bathroom, but above all they create closer environments, where we feel cosier. Comfortable and pleasant spaces that invite us to live in them.


Designs that make the skin tingle, where sensations envelop every corner of your bathroom.

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