Touch&Feel: the latest innovation in shower technology. Feel with a simple touch

Noken enhances the shower experience with this revolutionary, highly usable and functional patented system.

 Touch and feel. As simple as that. Touch & Feel is the new shower system by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, which allows the desired experience to be activated through a simple and intuitive use.

Highlighted: Feeling relaxed. Feeling energetic. Touch and feel.

Just a gentle touch is all that is needed to change the shower functions. Patented technology which makes the user's daily life better by allowing several functions to be enjoyed simultaneously, maintaining an excellent flow of water for each of its outlets. It is possible to mix functions such as rain and cascade at the same time, or rain function and jets; all of which turns the shower into a Wellness space.




A bathroom or a spa?

The latest trend in bathroom design is geared towards a wellness-oriented room. The Touch & Feel shower technology is the result of ongoing research by the Noken R & D Department to create a unique and functional Wellness system which, also meets the highest demands in terms of design. To guarantee its quality and a long product life, it has been subjected to pressure resistance tests up to 50 bar and resistance tests for push-buttons with more than 800.000 cycles.

Offering versatility for the bathroom, Touch & Feel is available in two versions: mixer and thermostatic; as well as in Project Line and Smartbox. Total luxury for professionals when undertaking any project, due to its easy installation.

Touch and feel the latest innovation.






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