Tono by Foster + Partners: 8 reasons for choosing it for your bathroom

The PORCELANOSA Grupo and Foster+Partners combine synergies to create a practical and comfortable use of bathroom equipment, which makes day-to-day life that much easier.

And not only for being a collection created by Foster+Partners. Tono has an endless number of characteristics that make it the perfect collection for any modern bathroom. A bathroom in which the aesthetic is distinctive and sublime. But above all, a bathroom in which everything is taken into account, from adaptability to space, comfort in use and respect for the environment, among other relevant aspects. Thus, Tono is a comprehensive collection, capable of adapting to any space, ready to bring everything together that is important in the today's and tomorrow's bathroom. Eight advantages of Tono. Eight reasons why it should be chosen for your bathroom:

1. Functionality.

Bathroom design is a much better design if it makes life easy. The PORCELANOSA Grupo and Foster+Partners combine synergies to create a practical and comfortable use of bathroom equipment, which makes day-to-day life that much easier. From wall hung toilets that make cleaning easy, to bathtubs with an object support surface or taps with a grooved surface handle that encourage use, without forgetting about the wide range of bathroom accessories. Everything in Tono is designed for comfort and usability.


2. Sustainability.

The design of the 21st century is, irremediably, sustainable. Norman Foster is aligned with the ecological commitment and the struggle for the sustainability of the PORCELANOSA Grupo and Noken to design toilets that allow for the option of an eco dual flush of 3 litres to 4.5 litres.

3. Minimalism.

Less is more. The Foster+Partners motto. Light, simple and pure designs whose minimalism makes them stand out and impress. Everything in Tono is reduced to its essence, without losing any of its elegance or beauty.


4. Aesthetic coherence.

One of the Tono benefits is its aesthetic coherence. Pieces of independent bathrooms, which at the same time, are in harmony and they speak a common language. Because bathrooms can adapt according to taste and context, but always keeping in mind that everything works in unison, as a perfect set.

5. Geometric perfection.

Perfection and geometry. Geometry and perfection. Because every perfect shape comes from geometry, and this is the mathematical precision that Tono is based on, through circular basins and equipment with straight and purified lines.

6. Fine materials.

Premium character reinforced by Premium materials. A combination of fine materials takes the luxury and uniqueness level of Tono to the top, as is the case with Noken Ceramic, the high-end ceramic range of basins and toilets or the high quality chromes. Natural wood, natural stone and KRION put the finishing touches to an exclusive bathroom collection by other companies, such as L'Antic Colonial and Systempool.


7. Modularity.

Modularity in its purest form. A collection that allows for different options and combinations with the participation of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms and the rest of companies that belong to the PORCELANOSA Group. A bastion of versatility in luxury design.

8. The author's seal.

With the prestige of being a collection that has the signature of Foster+Partners and the PORCELANOSA Grupo. A milestone by Norman Foster for cutting-edge bathrooms.


"The real challenge was to create a set of components that would work together as a part of an integrated system, with an unlimited selection of finishes and materials. Unified by a common and simple design language and a range of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic highlights the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the shapes and the art of manufacturing". Mike Holland - Industrial Design Manager at Foster + Partners.
Download the Tono collection catalogue here.

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