The Rimless NK-Clean toilet: technology which cleans efficiently

The Rimless NK-Clean self-cleaning system for toilets has the rim removed in its design, which allows for water to move around inside the bowl, covering everything 360º which sees every single part reached, guaranteeing the very best in hygiene

The product design makes people’s everyday lives better. This is the reason which leads us to developing technological solutions which make comfort better, as well as making the cleaning and the overall safety in the bathroom easier.  

The Rimless NK-Clean system for toilets is a result of this, a highly-efficient cleaning system for toilets whose innovation in design provides a new water circulation system.


What are the Rimless toilets like?

Traditional toilets are provided with a rim or flange through which the cistern water flushes inside the bowl. An obstacle which has always made bathroom cleaning more difficult, resulting in a build-up of dirt, as well as creation of limescale bacteria and germs. The ongoing commitment in development which helps to get an easy and efficient cleaning, leads us to seeking designs which sort out these concerns and provide better safety.When you press the flush, the water forcefully enters the toilet symmetrically on both sides, travelling 360º around the bowl and reaching even the highest parts of the bowl. Thanks to our continued commitment to solution-led design, you won't experience any splashing - a common problem for rimless designs which we've managed to resolve.

Why is the Rimless system more hygienic?


  • The design of the Noken Clean Rimless toilet - and the lack of an internal water channel - makes toilet cleaning a much easier task. There aren't any angles or gaps (which is where dirt tends to accumulate), preventing the potential proliferation of bacteria and germs.
  • The water expulsion system is just as efficient as a more traditional system, but with this one, the water circulates optimally from above, and is evenly distributed around the toilet without any risk of splashing outside the toilet. It's clear to see how the Noken Clean Rimless system makes cleaning easier, achieving a much higher level of hygiene than more conventional toilet designs.
  • After the water has rinsed all around the inside of the toilet, a cascade of water flushes through the bowl, taking any build-up of dirt with it, resulting in a clean and hygienic surface.

Another characteristic of the Rimless NK-Clean is how powerfully water moves around both sides of the wall symmetrically. The water covers 360º, reaching parts of the bowl higher than ever before, with no splashes. This traditional splashing problem for these rimless systems has well been sorted out thanks to the ongoing commitment to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&i).


The advantages and benefits of having a Rimless NK-Clean toilet 

  1. Cleaning becomes an easier task.
  2. The best in hygiene.
  3. Water is flushed with nothing getting in the way.
  4. The flush is powerful and covers 360º of both bowl sides uniformly.
  5. More hard-to-reach places will be cleaned, even the highest edges of the bowl.
  6. No splashes thanks to a design which prevents the water from overflowing.


Compact models with the Rimless NK-Clean technology

Our efficient Noken Clean Rimless self-cleaning system is available with our compact Forma, Essence-C Compact, Acro Compact, Tono and Arquitect ranges. These all incorporate soft-close lids - technology incorporated into the hinge of the toilet lid - resulting in a soft and cushioned close, preventing it from slamming and making it easier to maintain.

These compact designs are from our WaterForest range, a sustainable bathroom design concept that contributes to water saving as well as saving space. The 4.5/3 litre ECO dual flush saves water by up to 56%.

Essence-C Compact with a 51cm projection


The Acro Compact series is a small version only 49cm deep


All of these toilets have been manufactured with the Noken CeramicTM, a high-quality sanitary ceramic which is white and very resistant, obtained from the use of raw materials which have been chosen through very strict internal quality controls. A highly-durable hypoallergenic material remains unaltered because of the non-porous vitrification achieved during the treatment.  

Designs which enhance practicality and hygiene alike.


Acro Compact and Essence-C, now available in Finish Studio finishes and with the Noken Clean Rimless system

New black, white and grey Finish Studio finishes have been added to the Acro Compact collection, whilst you now have endless finish options such as beige sand or twilight blue to choose from in the Essence-C range.


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