The TILE bathroom furniture collection: Minimalism and functionality in perfect harmony

El minimalismo estético y la funcionalidad han encontrado su equilibrio perfecto en la colección de mobiliario baño TILE de Noken.

Aesthetic minimalism and functionality have found their perfect balance in the TILE furniture collection by Noken, the bathroom equipment firm that belongs to the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Covered with the XLight Premium thin thickness porcelain tile by Urbatek, Tile is furniture for the bathroom that joins resistance and storage capacity with an elegant design and sophistication, which adapts with great subtlety to all types of bathrooms.


The marble finish from the Tile collection provides each piece with a sophisticated and timeless look, giving, at the same time, the bathroom a touch of sophistication. The furniture, available in the Aged Dark Nature and Lush White Polished models with the XLight Premium resistant material, allows for the elegance of the marble with its most classic look to be used and made the most of, along with banking on the simplicity of sober stone in darker tones.

In its inside, the leading material is natural wood, which adds warmth to the set, giving a special and distinguished character to the collection, thanks to the combination of these two elements, namely marble and wood, both with a special and attractive look.

The connection between the icy elegance of marble and the natural warmth of wood is strengthened even more with the addition of a wooden strip to the front part, which allows for seeing exactly where the only drawer in this furniture is situated.

Aesthetic TIP : bathroom furniture + combined wall tiles and floor tiles

The use of an imposing looking aesthetic wall tile like the XLight Premium, integrated in the front part of the bathroom furniture , opens up a whole new aesthetic possibility: choosing the same finish for the wall tile and the floor tile, creating a bathroom with an comprehensive design.

The XLight Premium Aged Dark Nature and Lush White Polished finishes, available for the Tile furniture, have two formats both for residential indoor floor tiles and for wall tiles, one with a 120cmx250cm size and the other square one with a 120cmx120cm size.

Adaptability and practicality for the bathroom

Despite having just one drawer, the flatness of the Tile collection’s design allows it to have an excellent storage capacity, which adds functionality to the piece, making it practical for daily use for furniture in the bathroom.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of choosing between two different dimensions, one smaller than 80cm in thickness, and another in a bigger size of 120cm, which allows for the perfect fit both in smaller bathrooms and more spacious atmospheres. Tile is, in addition, free-standing furniture, which makes it increase its capacity to adapt to all types of lay outs and bathroom sizes. Regarding the basin, the simple aesthetics of Tile furniture allows for most of Noken’s countertop basins to be easily combined, allowing more installation flexibility in relation to the finish in the biggest size. Specifically, the basin’s position in the smaller 80cm model is reserved for the centre of the piece; whereas with the 120cm piece of furniture, the aforementioned position can be hidden according to the needs of each room, since the basin is positioned on the left or on the right of the furniture.

Lastly, the XLight Premium covering on all of the piece makes the furniture become even more practical, providing great resistance and durability, without losing the light and gentle look which gives it the minimalist aesthetics, thanks to the thin thickness of the 6mm wall tile.


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