Light, Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower trays: avant-garde design and sustainability in the shower

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Date: 24 ene 2019

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms expands its catalogue of shower trays with two cutting-edge aesthetic collections and extensive features.

Our range of shower trays is environmentally friendly without sacrificing strength, lightness, safety, and easy installation and maintenance.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms expands its shower tray catalogue. New series with a cutting-edge aesthetic and multiple properties that guarantee safety in the shower, making the shower experience pleasurable every day.

Light Stone Series: lighter. Multiple properties

The Light Stone shower tray series is defined by its lightness, making it easy to transport and install.

Available in several colour finishes and sizes, they can suit all types of bathroom; these shower trays boast properties like thermal and resistance, repairability, high durability and easy cleaning and maintenance. Light Stone is also a collection of highly non-slip trays, guaranteeing the user's safety in the shower, and its surface is soft to the touch, creating a pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the skin.

Within the Light Stone Series, Noken has a Zen shower tray



A minimalist design with a hidden grating, the body manufactured with ECO Light technology using partially recycled compact flax fibre, which replaces wood coated in Gel Coat. Available in white, grey and black.




Mineral Stone Series: A tray for all types of bathroom

The revolution in shower trays with elegant, lighter and thinner designs. The main feature is that they can be cut to size, allowing the design to be adapted to each type of bathroom. They are available in several finishes and colours, and allow for custom cutting as the colour runs through the whole body.

As in the case of the Light Stone series, the Mineral Stone series is non-slip, soft to the touch and offers anti-bacterial properties, hardness, durability and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Mineral Stone offers the Slate model available in black, grey and white. Made from resin and mineral filler, and covered by a Gel Coat treatment, antibacterial and with greater anti-slip properties. Mineral Stone offers the Slate model available in black, grey and white. Made from resin and mineral filler, and covered by a Gel Coat treatment, antibacterial and with greater anti-slip properties. The core is made with ECO Stone technology, which uses recycled materials to reduce the tons of waste that end up in the oceans and seas (60% recycled white marble, 30% eco-resin and 10% mineral perlite).




Light. The ceramic and acrylic series for shower trays

In addition to the most cutting-edge series, the Noken catalogue has more traditional options, such as ceramic and acrylic shower trays.

Among the ceramics, the most traditional shower tray, we have the Project series, available in a white finish. It boasts hygienic properties, easy cleaning and chemical resistance, although it is less light and more fragile.




The Work series includes the acrylic shower trays from the Porcelanosa Grupo brand. Lighter than ceramics, these shower trays are easy to manipulate and install, and they are warmer to the touch. Among the disadvantages compared to Light Stone and Mineral Stone is that they have inferior non-slip properties and cannot be cut to size.