The Grand

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 16 ene 2016

Location: Lyth St. Annes. Lancashire, UK.

The project:

French elegance gets toaccommodate in the UK, to be precise, at The Grand Hotel. A building rich in Victorian-architecture, where the rooms delicately combine contemporary design with the original classicist elements of the building.

The Grand is one of the most luxurious styled hotels in the UK, and it is situated in an idyllic location surrounded by purplish and reddish fields in the North West part of the country.

Going into the impressive building is like penetrating an extravagant-styled, and at the same time, refined atmosphere. A blend with an exceptional result which is portrayed in the bathroom design, which has been fitted with the latest Noken solutions, aimed at achieving excellence for the guests’ stay.

The team of interior designers in charge of the project have made a careful choice regarding the elements in order to provide the most luxurious hotel rooms with comfort: The Gran Turret and the Grand Sea View.

In our tour, first of all, we enter in the Grand Sea View roomsand we can appreciate the solemnity of a classical-styled design, and at the same time, very modern. Aiming at providing every detail with comfort, the rooms have been fitted with the NK Logic wall hung basins and the Cuadro bathroom taps, both in basins and showers.

Now it is time to get into the most luxurious rooms in the hotel, in other words, the Grand Turret rooms. Located in an exceptional area inside this historical building, in its towers, there are rooms that are perfect for a romantic getaway or extended break. They have wide bathrooms with wall hung pieces of furniture, which leads to greater spaciousness.

The basin from the Hotels series offers a great space for a use that is filled with ease, and it is perfectly complemented with the refined style and the lightness of the NK Concept bathroom taps. Furthermore, these taps are a clear example of sustainability thanks to their cold opening system, which reduces energy consumption, something that turns out to be ideal for hotel projects.

On the other hand, and with regard to the most comfortable area of shower and bathroom, it is worth highlighting the Neptune Slim Rondo shower head and the Project handshower, together with the Minimal Oval freestanding bathtub and the NK One sanitarywares.

For greater warmth, one can find the Contracts C heated towel rail, which will make the guests’ stay a more welcoming experience.