The Architect + Round Pack: the bathroom gives in to a white, black and grey fusion

La composición Pack Arquitect + Round responde a diseños que se integran a la perfección para potenciar cada elemento del baño al máximo exponente.

Like evoking the pieces of a puzzle, the Architect + Round pack composition responds to design requirements, integrating and mimicking perfectly, in order to enhance each element in the bathroom to the max. A combination that advocates a timeless design and minimalist touch for the bathroom experience, whose colours and shapes convey visual peace and quiet to the bathroom that we use on a daily basis. Purity materialized in three classic colours, and with a sober character that white, black and grey all possess.

Noken, the bathroom company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, proposes, in this way, a combination of pieces that emphasize the comfort and escapism that are such a necessity in the bathroom. All of this, alluding to the maximum functionality of the elements and a design that surprises in the most elegant and sophisticated of contemporary bathrooms. As well as that, we find the unpolluted white of the Architect 70cm and 42cm basin, together with the Round basin taps in a chromium colour. Added to this binomial is wall-hung 120cm and 80cm bathroom furniture, which in addition to providing the bathroom with ample storage, it contrasts aesthetically with the basin, as well as giving a unique character to the space. Finally, to enhance the beauty of the set, the Architect + Round Pack has a polished mirror edge, as well as a LED light fixture, specifically the one from the Hotels series.

Architect: the perfect collection for modern y elegant bathrooms

Architect basin

There are designs that not only stand out for their imposing aesthetic but also those that respond to the most cutting-edge R & D research and technology requirements. This is the case of the Architect basin. With soft and sober lines, this piece houses the Noken Ceramic® high technology for avant-garde basins and toilets. An improved non-porous porcelain formula that offers unprecedented durability and strength. Maximum quality materialised in greater hygiene and cleaning, along with a pure matt finish of imposing beauty.

In addition to being manufactured with high-end ceramics, the Architect basin stands out because of its wide aesthetic possibilities, with up to several colours in a wide chromatic range being available for selection. Furthermore, we highlight its fine edges, which, by reducing its size and thickness, make the design more practical and minimalist.

Architect bathroom furniture

As is the case with the basins, the Architect bathroom furniture also offers the possibility of being selected in several shades, namely three. However, its main peculiarity is its quality, since it has a surface treated with nanotechnology. This technology firstly allows for a softer texture and a pleasant feel, and secondly, the possibilities of damaged furniture surfaces being repaired by applying heat. To sum up, Architect is furniture that enjoys an unprecedented wall hung design, but whose main advantages are quality, durability and practicality.

Round basin taps: timeless design in a more sustainable bathroom

The Round taps provide the set with the purest elegance and sophistication. The series banks on a fine stylish version characterised by a thin cartridge and a dynamic curvilinear end which reminds us of a drop of water. Furthermore, this ‘sculptural’ piece for the bathroom commits to a more sustainable world and it is environmentally friendly thanks to its cold-opening technology. This innovative system by PORCELANOSA Bathrooms stands out because it achieves both energy and water savings, since it is provided with a flow limiter, which apart from not wasting energy heating up water unnecessarily, it limits water consumption up to a maximum of 5 litres per minute.

Light sources with Hotels light fixtures: enhancing the lighting in the bathroom

Working as an accessory, Hotels provides this bathroom equipment pack with a light fixture which is able to envelop a highly-relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We are dealing with a decorative element, which, when placed in the middle of the upper part of the mirror, offers uniform lighting, therefore, letting the user get on with their daily bathroom tasks in the most practical way.

The Hotels light fixtures, which are the same as the other light fixtures by Noken, are provided with the sustainable LED lighting technology, in other words, a light which does not give off any heat, and furthermore, it is environmentally friendly because of its CO2 emission reduction of up to 80%, and also because of its lack of mercury and tungsten.

The Architect + Round pack is certainly a set for the bathroom which is able to fill the bathroom with excellence and a modern spirit without compromising Noken’s strong points regarding sustainability, quality, comfort and user-friendliness.

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