Testimonials: Warren Chung, NK International CEO. The power of a unique design

En un sector tan dinámico como es el interiorismo y la arquitectura, Noken desempeña un papel destacado internacional gracias a una visión cosmopolita y global ofreciendo productos de calidad y diseño innovador para baños

In such a dynamic sector like interior design and architecture, Noken plays a very important role thanks to a continuous cosmopolitan global view by offering top quality and innovative-design products for the bathroom sector  thanks to its ability to adapt to the special features of any market.

Aimed at innovation and technology in order to offer avant-garde designs regarding bathroom design, and remaining faithful to its philosophy, Noken banks on growth and development through the internationalisation in such emerging markets like the Asian one. A global attitude that also meets the idiosyncrasy which is typical of this surprising culture.

We spoke to Warren Chung, the CEO in Noken International in Hong Kong, an excellent professional and an expert in the peculiarities of this great epicentre of worldwide business. He takes care of the bathroom design from the point of view of the lifestyle that is able to evoke a fascinating and inspiring space that exists assiduously.

With a unique design for bathroom equipment, the high product quality and excellent advice and customer service, the European brand Noken ranks high in Asia.

Discover this video testimonial where the expert Warren Chung pays tributes to PORCELANOSA Grupo firm on the occasion of the company's 15th anniversary.

Testimonials: Warren Chung from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.

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