Testimonials: Olivier Lapidus and exclusivity in design

En esta primera entrega de vídeos testimoniales, es el diseñador Olivier Lapidus quien nos transmite su visión sobre el diseño y lo compara a la moda

This year is our company’s 15th birthday, and we wanted to celebrate it in a very special way, inviting architects and interior designers of internationally recognised prestige who have been involved with Noken in some way to speak about their particular vision of the design of both products and buildings.

In this first video testimonial, it is designer Olivier Lapidus who conveys his particular vision of design. The French designer compares interior design to fashion, in the sense that in both cases differentiation and a taste for detail are key factors in seducing the user, who wishes to feel unique.

This is why brands and interior designers must work to create versatile products which can be combined, in the same way as a blazer can be combined with different trousers or skirts. Lapidus creates rooms in which a wide variety of styles of furniture and decorative elements can fit in.

Noken has been able to collaborate with the haute couture fashion designer on various projects, since his career began in the world of interior design with the Hotel Félicien project in Paris. Taking inspiration from the catwalk, Lapidus conceived this luxury hotel with a design that is developed through the different rooms and levels thanks to a masterful use of colours and materials which contribute to the creation of a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

To do so, the fashion designer has designed the pieces of furniture, carpets and curtains of the main rooms, thus adapting each element to the space in a harmonious manner. In the bathrooms of the rooms, a touch of distinction has been achieved by personalising the Urban taps by Noken with the logo of the hotel.

Furthermore, with the aim of guaranteeing the comfort of guests, toilets from the Urban and Arquitect collections have also been installed, characterised by their cosmopolitan aesthetic, in addition to the Neptune rain effect shower heads, which improve the quality of time spent in the bathroom.

Recently, Olivier Lapidus also selected Noken bathroom fittings to create his perfect hotel room, displayed at the Room Studio event, during the Equip’Hotel 2014 international exhibition.

Here is the video in which Olivier Lapidus speaks about his personal design philosophy. Don’t miss it!

Testimonials: Olivier Lapidus from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.

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