The best taps for basin II: design and technology. Elegance and sustainability

Desde Noken, firma de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, destacamos otros aspectos para elegir la grifería más óptima: el diseño, las prestaciones y la tecnología.

The design depends on the style in relation to how the bathroom design has been set up, and if it stays true to a distinctive style, or otherwise, an eclectic touch derived from a mix of styles is the choice. Technology and performance, however, have a lot to do with sustainability, since there are tap innovations that bank on energy and water saving mostly, as well as on reducing the C02 emissions produced by the water heating process.


Tap design: elegance and exclusivity with taps by Noken

Basin taps are one of those items which play a major role in the core of the bathroom. Because of their central location and the fact of being extremely useful in daily hygiene, they become the key piece in the design, banking on a shape and a finish that achieve the harmonious structure and the uniform elegance of the bathroom. Making the choice of the taps according to the aesthetical design which is desired to convey the bathroom project is the key to getting the perfect integration of every single detail, therefore, achieving a bathroom experience full of aesthetical uniqueness and excellent sensations.

The wide range of basin tap collections by Noken covers all bathroom styles. Ranging from the most vintage styles, to simpler or ‘minimal’, possibly any tap design can be found in the PORCELANOSA Bathroom design catalogue, always counting on the highest innovation and high quality regarding materials.

Additionally, Noken also allows for a finish customisation, either through taps with special finishes in a brilliant shine, or others with distinctive high-level luxury, such as the copper, gold or nickel finishes, which go beyond the traditional chrome designs.




Technology and performance: a strong commitment to sustainability

Technology is another strong point from Noken, which design its taps by encouraging sustainability through innovation. The main goal is: to achieve energy efficiency while banking on ergonomy in design, in other words, a ‘must have’ according to trends in current bathrooms.

- Cold opening system. Noken has a state-of-the-art cold opening tap system, whose main feature is water and energy saving. Because of this system, it prevents the boiler from being on automatically every time the tap is opened, therefore, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions produced by water heating. Additionally, these taps have an innovative flow limiter inside the single lever spout, reducing water consumption by up to 5 litres per minute, in other words, by up to a 60%. Forma, Round and NK Concept are the three-tap series from Noken which are provided with the cold opening system.

- LED lights. Done by its Urban-C Light collection, Noken offers the possibility of providing water flow with LED lights. It is a technology capable of making bathroom taps distinctive, unique and exclusive. Lights which emanate from the inside of the tap in ambient LED colours, as well as in red and blue, depending on the temperature of the water: cold or hot.

- Digital taps. Maximum innovation in basin taps through MOOD, electronic taps designed by Luis Vidal + Architects. It is an electronic-operating system that allows for customising the use experience, by selecting the program, the flow rate and the temperature of the water. It is a unique technological design, which is also included in the range of ECO taps, this way contributing to water saving in the bathroom.



In conclusion, considering both the design and technology for the choice of the best taps for the bathroom means optimising the bathroom experience, through an elegant, efficient and sustainable atmosphere.

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