Storage ideas for small bathrooms

Bath storage is a trend and it is even more essential in small bathrooms. Being able to enjoy the calm offered by a space free from superfluous objects is vital. In this post, we give you several inspiring storage ideas for small bathrooms that will make your everyday life easier.

Tidiness in a space where you seek practicality, functionality and relaxation is becoming increasingly important. This need is multiplied in the case of small bathrooms, because the lack of space means that:

  • Self-care items can be jumbled together
  • It's not easy to find accessories that you routinely use
  • The feeling of chaos keeps you from enjoying that long-awaited relaxing experience

In this post we told you how to organise your bathroom to simplify your life, and we now give you storage solutions and ideas for small bathrooms.

A preview: We recommend the use of large-capacity but compact furniture, along with multifunctional elements, such as cabinets with concealed storage behind the mirror.The use of spaces such as walls will also be essential to improving harmony.As well as placing shelves on walls or hangers, bars or rails on the door, and even decorative accessories such as baskets will help to make the most of the few centimetres available.

How to optimise storage space in bathrooms

It may seem obvious, but bathroom furniture is the key to storage in bathrooms, regardless of size.

Compact, large-capacity furniture

Options such as our quintessential compact unit, Marne, can be our best choice for combining all the elements in a bathroom that lacks space and that we want to shine in its own light. With this unit, Noken offers a twist on the concept of tidiness and storage for bathrooms.

With this unit, we provide a twist on the concept of maximising storage space in bathrooms.

42-cm Marne unit in ash cherry with 42-cm Marne washbasin

Wall-hung units, the perfect option for small bathrooms

It may seem that wall-hung units are an alternative that fail to take advantage of the space, but if we have large-capacity furniture and countertop basins, this type of unit is the perfect choice.

We can opt for compact wall-hung units that perfectly fit a small bathroom and allow for ample storage space, such as Marne.

42-cm Marne unit in ash cherry with 42-cm Marne washbasin

If you're looking for storage ideas for small double bathrooms, our NK Concept unit is the answer.Available in white and grey oak, it can be customised to the fullest with:

  • Rounded handles in matt black and straight handles in chrome.
  • Choice of matching chrome or matt black taps.
Nk Concept White dual washbasin with linear chrome handles
Nk Concept Oak Grey dual washbasin with matt black rounded handles

In addition to letting you optimise bathroom storage, and saving space as a result, it is also a useful option for saving water, since its taps feature Noken Eco-Flow technology.

Nk Concept bathroom taps in matt black and chrome

Bath storage for small bathrooms: More essential tips

Choosing shelves and cabinets for small bathrooms

Bathroom shelves save time by improving accessibility to everyday items. But we also have solutions that maximise practicality in small bathrooms, such as additional cabinets with shelves for small spaces, which make every centimetre count for our comfort.

Take advantage of walls

The design of tailor-made solutions will make the space available in your bathroom fit your needs. With this proposal, the wall panelling conceals valuable storage space, enhancing visual cleanliness. Everything within your reach. Nothing in sight.

Another storage alternative for bathrooms is alcoves or niches on the shower walls, which will also give the space a modern feel. A perfect solution to have everything you'll need for a good shower within easy reach.

Go with washbasins for small bathrooms

Lavabo Acro Compact

In small bathrooms, opt for countertop washbasins that don't take up storage space.

Beyond the importance of bath storage, if you want a bathroom that is as functional as it is fun, go with the new vibrant colours from Finish Studio for your project... the results will be truly amazing.

Slender Arctic Blue countertop washbasin

Did you find these storage ideas for small bathrooms helpful? Here is some more inspiration to create a compact space that is tailored to your tastes and needs.

→ How to enhance the sense of space in small bathrooms.

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