Spring decor: adapt your bathroom to the coolest season

Tips and equipment ideas for achieving a fresh and aesthetically perfect bathroom in which real spring can be felt.

When the cold weather finishes, spring comes along. At this time, interior design gets decked out in a new season, banking on colour and light, vibrant and harmonious spaces. In the bathroom, we want the space to be fresh and cosy, with natural materials where, the outdoors area comes inside. Get a spring decor for your bathroom with Noken Porcelanosa Bathroom and feel revitalised every single day.

Ideas for decorating your bathroom in spring

  1. Full colour: the spring decor hit

Colours are one of the identifying traits for spring decor. A time of the year in which joy and calmness reign in interior spaces, which sees the combination of daring tonalities and prints very much sought after.

Powder, for instance, is a very cool idea for the bathroom. Get this look through wall tiles like White&Colors by Porcelanosa, coupled with the copper Lounge taps. These colours for indoor areas are perfect for getting a fresh spring-like look. A vibrant trend in 2019.




The Blue Lounge night furniture is also an ideal choice for spring, due to its differential colour and metal detail, namely: copper and titanium.


  1. Wood, the woods at home

Bathrooms with wood are a timeless trend. However, they are especially important in spring, when people want to live outside and insert nature into the home. Getting a small indoor forest is possible by counting on wall tiles and furniture in natural materials, whose specific treatment makes them suitable for wet spaces like the bathroom. The Hotels bathroom furniture has a very spring-like design, a natural ash wooden structure perfect for the bathroom. It includes a functional shelf for object storage and it is complemented by the Hotels ceramic basin.




Another option from Noken in wood for a fresh and innovative design is the Project Wood worktop. Several formats and compositions in a natural oak finish which enhance the authenticity of the space, adapting aesthetically to the spring decor.


  1. Decorating with flowers and plants: the greenhouse ‘effect’

In spring, all things natural are trendy. Rooms are decked out with vegetal decor with flowers and plants which inspire the tropics-like decor. It enhances the calmness and the relaxing feeling in the bathroom by projecting an exterior space. This highlights the wood finishes with a green decor.




  1. The freshness of minimalism

Beyond the colour, minimalism can also be found in spring decor. Simple spaces which are practical and full of light, where only what is essential is included. The Tono collection by Foster+Partners turns out to be perfect for reproducing the minimal style in the bathroom, focusing on functionality. Aesthetically perfect pieces which have been created to fulfil user needs, such as natural materials and state-of-the-art ceramics, all of them coming with Porcelanosa’s quality seal. Discover the new double-bowl basins from the series and the freestanding bathtub, also in its built-in version, which has recently had specific whirlpool programmes included.




  1. INSIDE exteriors: learn how to live outside

A bathroom with a view creates a perfect and relaxing atmosphere through the five senses. Opting for a large window in the bathroom is highly suitable for spring or any other season of the year. Have your bathtub installed in a strategic place and you will not only enjoy the views but also more natural light which enters the bathroom.  





  1. Spring in the shower with chromotherapy

Colour can be included in spring decor, but what about having colours reproduced with technology? Gear your shower space towards relaxation and deck out the space with colour through Noken shower heads with chromotherapy. Lounge and Seasons are some of the ranges which include colour wheels as therapies for wellbeing and body and soul revitalisation. Something which is beneficial, together with the advantages of hydrotherapy through several water outlets. A bathroom-spa with a spring-like feel.  



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