Keys to the design of Spanish-style bathrooms

Spanish-style bathrooms are trending. In this article we describe the keys to their design.

Year after year, Pinterest forecasts decoration trends for the coming months. The latest "Pinterest 100" report shows that Spanish-style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular.

Although their functions are similar to those of other styles, they have distinctive features that give them a unique character and personality. Here we analyse the key aspects of the design of a Spanish-style bathroom.



Liem bathroom furniture, mirror and basin + Lignage taps


Light spaces

White and beige are the predominant colours in spaces bathed by the warmth of natural light. Against this soft background, ceramic floor and wall tiles, a traditional feature in Mediterranean areas, provide a clear contrast in pure vibrant primary colours, such as blue, green or reddish tones, with patterns inspired by those of traditional hydraulic tiles. 

Spanish-style bathrooms use natural light as much as possible, so it is desirable for them to have windows in the walls or a skylight in the ceiling. 


Natural wood bathroom furniture

Natural wood finishes enhance the natural feel of Spanish-style bathrooms, while bathroom furniture such as Liem, Essence C or Nature adds to the emotional appeal of this style.



Liem furniture


Taps reminiscent of classic designs

Elements with classic designs play a crucial role in designing a bathroom in this style. Lignage, a collection designed by Valencian architect Ramón Esteve, pays a distinguished tribute to classic Mediterranean pieces: bathroom taps that recall romantic designs, but with aesthetics and technology that are completely up-to-date, in different finishes, copper being most representative of the Spanish style.



Lignage taps


Natural decoration

Careful decoration with plants, wooden stools and natural fabrics will recreate the Spanish retro-classic style. Together with soft lighting, they evoke the warmth of the sun and complete the welcoming look of a Spanish-style bathroom.



Liem bathtub and Lignage taps




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