Spacious bathrooms: how to decorate modern bathrooms where space is not an issue

En este post os ofrecemos consejos sobre cómo decorar baños más amplios, estancias más grandes que se convierten en protagonistas del interior del hogar.

Today is the day to take a step towards innovation and the avante-garde. Shall we start with your bathroom? We bring you a series of trends to make this room the most "in" space in your house.


Just recently we offered you some recommendations on how to have compact bathrooms decorated or small-sized ones, but now, we are dealing with more spacious bathrooms, bigger spaces that become the main attraction inside the home.

In modern bathroom decoration trends, a spacious bathroom becomes the ideal place for relaxation, in other words, that atmosphere to rest in after an exhausting day, which also helps us to switch off. Nevertheless, as with compact bathrooms, it is worth paying attention to some recommendations on how to fit them out, by highlighting specific items and banking on high-levels of warmth, elegance and excellence without over decorating the space too much.

4 smash hit trends for modern bathrooms

Modern bathrooms follow the latest trends, but they are also capable of setting their own course, of being pioneers in the world of interior design. Making the most trendy yours, giving it your stamp of identity, to create unique projects, is a more than wise decision.

The elegance of curvature


Curvature is an organic form full of soft, delicate, elegant beauty. Hence, curves play a key role in modern bathroom design.

This trend also shows up in little details around the room. Options such as the Round tap range, where curves are the starring feature, add the perfect touch to your project.

Round taps in Finish Studio finishes

Eye-catchingly natural
The natural vibe meets the modern bathroom and it’s here to stay.

Using materials such as wood to add warmth and singularity, the bathroom becomes your refuge.

Natural pieces, textures and finishes are essential to achieve a harmonious and comforting atmosphere.


Lounge Ambiance

A clear example is the Lounge collection, which features modern finishes that bring the latest trends to the fixtures, using Italian design with straight, sinuous forms.

The combination of natural maple wood with the Project Tech surface creates a durable bathroom unit with anti-bacterial properties that gives a sensation of comfort.


Marble is back

OXO integrated countertop washbasin

The timeless distinction and elegance of a natural material such as marble takes a journey through time, landing firmly in the latest bathroom designs. A sound choice, without a doubt, to create a space that embodies both delicate aesthetics and strong personality.

This OXO integrated washbasin, coated with the sintered mineral compact XTONE, is a functional alternative while also elegant and trendy.

The warmth of artisanal products

Born from the union between artisanal and contemporary, this trend creates current yet soulful results, perfect for the modern bathroom.

Each piece is conceived from a sculptural perspective, such as the Slender washbasins, which provide that cosy touch that only the most carefully hand-painted pieces can convey.

Modern bathrooms: the coolest touch of colour

Washbasins, toilets, furniture and all kinds of multi-coloured elements are featured in the room, offering infinite combinations for all types of personality.

In this regard, one of the most popular spring-summer modern bathroom trends is to go for pastel shades. In Finish Studio, select the colours that will brighten up your 2022:

  • Canary yellow.
  • Arctic blue.
  • Jet black.
  • Fusion grey.
  • Pastel beige.
  • Sunset blue.
  • Chocolate brown.
  • Pink flamingo.
  • Crocodile green.

Pastel shades transport us to an infinite summer, bringing light and softness to modern and daring bathroom designs.

The fact that they are so easy to combine with white, light and darker colours, makes them the perfect tone for creating cheerful, fun, versatile everyday spaces. This duality makes it easier to transition pastel colours throughout the year.

These tones are known to be relaxing for their softness and freshness. Choosing these shades guarantees a relaxing bathroom that will boost our serotonin levels.

In fact, pink bathrooms are synonymous with romance and luminosity. Full of that vitality and optimism that makes us feel so good.

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Flamingo Pink Essence C Bathroom

Meanwhile, the energy and vitality of the crocodile green finish connects us with nature's most primitive side. Natural materials like stone are key to creating a space of renewal.

Crocodile Green Essence C Bathroom

In Feng Shui philosophy, the colour green is believed to foster personal growth, and advance projects. The freshness of this colour spills out into the bathroom, kicking off our days with the best energy.

Freestanding bathtubs: it is an experiential item which decoration revolves around

Placing the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom is a clear commitment when setting up a spacious bathroom, being aware that many times, the idea about its installation is put aside because of the lack of space. Moreover, are the essential feel-good piece, these are an extremely beautiful, must-have experiential element.

However, we can also create modern bathrooms with wellness showers or even opt to have both elements. In this post we'll help you make your choice.

Arquitect bathtub


Wall-hung furniture: minimalism also in spacious bathrooms

The installation of wall-hung bathroom furniture provides the room with a feel that is pure and light, since on one hand they work as practical storage for bathroom products, whilst on the other hand, they represent beauty, which is a plus for the bathroom.

Aside from the practical element that's crucial for the organization and visual cleanliness of the bathroom, this type of modern bathroom furniture, this type of wall-hung furniture reinforces that minimalist beauty which is so popular in design, as it also makes the bathroom maintenance and cleaning easier.

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