Effortless solutions for comprehensive bathroom projects

Noken's effortless concept is based on the company's commitment to ensure that every project is developed and runs effortlessly. Expert teams at every project stage, with comprehensive and adaptive solutions. Liquid solutions like water. Elevated like vapour. Solid like ice.

Our effortless concept is based on three pillars: a commitment to sustainability, minimal maintenance, and a comprehensive project support service by a company offering integrated solutions with a presence in more than 120 countries.


Effortless ECO // WaterForest, a range which can achieve water savings of up to 89% in the bathroom, represents our commitment to sustainability

Energy saving and sustainability are key objectives for our company. We strive to simplify technology, using it as a means of improving energy efficiency and contributing to sustainability. Systems that are easy to use and are all about comfort, to help owners and users act in an environmentally responsible way - effortlessly.

WaterForest is an eco-conscious commitment from Noken. The label is shown on all products and solutions that reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact. The label facilitates LEED and BREEAM certification for sustainable buildings, achieving water savings of up to 89% in housing, restaurant, and hotel developments, and rationalising electricity consumption. With its R&D&I department, the company has developed a series of sustainable and smart solutions with technology and respect for the environment as key priorities.


  1. AIR ECO technology for showerheads and hand showers

The AIR ECO system for showerheads and hand showers mixes water with air, and its mechanism reduces consumption by 10%, as well as C02 emissions.

If standard shower consumption is 20 litres/minute, AIR ECO limits it to 6 litres/minute. In percentage terms, this represents 70% lower consumption.



Our Neptune Slim showerhead with rain function achieves consumption of 6 litres/min when the AIR ECO flow limiter is added (available for 15 and 20 cm models)


  1. Cold-start taps

    With cold-start taps, hot water is only activated when you need it. This means you can control your energy costs, as well the level of carbon dioxide heaters and boilers emit when water is heated.


    1. ECO tap aerators

    With no impact on user comfort, aerators limit the flow to a fixed maximum of litres per minute - regardless of the pressure - and can reduce water usage by up to 89%.

    A standard tap consumes 12 litres/min. With ECO WaterForest aerators by Noken, consumption can be reduced to 1.3 litres/min, representing an 89% water saving.



Our Round taps illustrate how a simple change in tap can achieve significant water savings throughout a hotel, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Round taps with cold-start feature and a flow rate of 5 litres/min, compatible with the ECO aerator to reduce to 2 litres/min. In black finish


  1. ECO dual flush toilets

Traditional flush systems consume 9 litres per use, leading to higher water consumption. WaterForest NK Doble Eco toilet systems mean you can use more or less water during flushing depending on your needs; with a choice of 6 or 3 litres, or 4.5 or 3 litres, saving 55% and 61% respectively.


Effortless: our minimal maintenance bathroom solutions

As well as providing effortlessly eco-friendly bathrooms, Noken bathrooms offer an effortless bathroom design in terms of reducing maintenance costs and maximising the user experience, which is especially key to projects where high traffic is a concern, such as hotels.

Stunning fixtures and fittings that stand the test of time. 

Touch & Feel is our Wellness shower system. With just a gentle touch, you can change the shower functions, enjoying several functions simultaneously whilst maintaining an excellent flow of water from each outlet. Rain and waterfall, or rain and jets function. With long-life guaranteed technology, having been subjected to pressure resistance tests up to 50 bars, and the controls resistance tested for more than 800,000 cycles, they are also easy to install with built-in systems.




Project Tech is a countertop which can be adapted to any space and can self-regenerate when heat is applied. Its high-tech properties include an anti-bacterial treatment, and resistance to impacts, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Light Stone and Mineral Stone Series shower trays such as the Slate model, are yet more lightweight and extra-slim solutions, making them easier to transport and install. And what's more, Slate can also be cut to custom size. Designed with the technical specifications needed for maximum functionality and hygiene. The properties make them ideal for contract projects: thermal and chemical resistance, repairability, antibacterial, non-slip, high durability, and easy cleaning and maintenance.





Noken: comprehensive support service for integrated bathroom projects

Noken offers an advanced professional service to provide comprehensive support for any type of project. The firm works tirelessly to give customers an effortless experience.

If we take hotel projects as an example, the service includes a mock-up of room furnishings, training for installers, a technical service for hotel bathroom maintenance, an individual and customised after-sales service in more than 120 countries, safety stocks for each project to ensure the immediate delivery of spare parts, and integrated furnishings.

The recent projects and collaborations we've worked on at Noken guarantee water and energy savings, demonstrating our commitment to the present and future. Room Mate Group is one of the hotel chains that have opted for the WaterForest range, partnering with Porcelanosa Group to build eco-sustainable hotels. Both companies are working together to create a new sustainable tourism model as part of the Ecolution plan from Room Mate, an agreement through which they hope to achieve daily water savings of 89%.

"This partnership cements our commitment to sustainability and service quality. The main objective of both companies is to define the hotel model of the future and to improve customer experience. To achieve this, we are opting for energy efficiency, exclusivity and personalised attention. The development and dedication that the two teams have put into this joint programme show their commitment to responsible and environmentally-friendly travel”, says Manuel Rubert, Managing Director of Noken.

“We are delighted with this alliance with the PORCELANOSA Group. It is the perfect partner for us to continue our Room Mate ECOlution sustainability plan, bolstering our commitment to society and the planet”, explains Kike Sarasola, President and Founder of Room Mate Group.

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