Soft-Close: comfort and softness when putting the toilet lid down

Soft-Close is the cushioned closure system toilet. This is technology for putting the toilet lid and the toilet seat down.

Soft-Close is the cushioned closure system for the Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms toilet. This is technology for putting the toilet lid and the toilet seat down, which prevents the lid from suddenly falling, as well as sudden bangs and the annoying noise that they can make. With Soft-Close, putting both the seat and the lid down is, therefore: softer, slower and quieter; increasing comfort and the ease of use. Another advantage offered by this toilet lid closing system and toilet seat is safety, especially when the toilet is used by children.

The use and maintenance of the Soft-close closing system

To take advantage of the Soft-Close progressive and cushioned automatic closing, you only need a light touch with your fingers so that the lid and/or the seat close by themselves, and it is like you had not touched it at all. It is a simple and soft close, driven only by a small downward impulse. It is important not to put the lid or the seat down with force for a faster close because this can cause damage to the system.

The quality and durability of the toilets by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms continuously tests its bathroom equipment, which is subject to continuous quality and durability processes in order to obtain the appropriate certifications. Regarding toilets, continuous tests were carried out to guarantee the durability of the pieces. In this way, the firm guarantees the durability of the Soft-Close system whenever the correct use and maintenance are carried out. In addition to that, a 10-year warranty is offered on the seat hinges. Another feature of the seats by Noken is that they also include a Lift-Off system, Noken Lift-Up, which allows the seat to be disassembled and detached in a very simple way, guaranteeing greater ease of cleaning and maximum sanitaryware hygiene. Discover the Soft-Close system operation for toilets through the following video:

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