Small bathrooms with bathtubs

Who says you need to sacrifice a bath in the design of a small bathroom? With careful distribution and the right selection of compact equipment, it is possible to incorporate a bathtub into an XS bathroom and enjoy that spa feeling at home. In this article we'll offer you some tips and ideas.

Small bathrooms with bathtubs are becoming increasingly common and less of an impossible fantasy. Having a bathroom with reduced dimensions does not necessarily have to rule out a bathtub.

By putting some thought into the distribution, and choosing the right type of bathtub, you can find space for this comfortable and relaxing feature in even the most compact of bathrooms.

Ideas and tips for small bathrooms with bathtubs

It is a common school of thought that the installation of a bathtub in a small bathroom leaves little space for the other elements and makes the space less comfortable and less functional. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

Here, we'll give you some tips for including a bathtub in your small bathroom, without sacrificing the other comforts offered by the space.

Choose compact elements

We must plan for an efficient approach to distribution in advance. This, coupled with the use of compact elements, will help optimise space and accommodate a bathtub.

This is the case of the compact 145 x 70 cm Marne built-in bathtub, which can be located in a corner, taking advantage of the walls to make use of every centimetre. Or if you prefer a free-standing bathtub, the Architect model measures 165 x 77 cm and creates an aesthetic element with some intelligent planning.

Take advantage of a sloping ceiling

Did you build your bathroom in an attic space? Then, take advantage of the lower end of a sloping ceiling to place your bathtub. A bath does not require a lot of vertical space, so this could be the perfect place to install it.

Enhance the corners

If your bathroom is square and you don't want the bathtub to remove too much space, position the elements in a way that takes advantage of the corners. The washbasin and the toilet. This way, you can open up the space and the bathroom will look bigger.

Use the colours and the light to your advantage

When a space appears small, there is nothing like using light coloured flooring and installing sky lights to visually enlarge it.

Small, modern bathrooms with bathtubs

Minimalism still prevails, so having a small bathroom does not have to be an impediment to having a bathtub. You can install one and, at the same time, enjoy a modern space if you do away with other unnecessary bathroom elements.

Minimalism is the key to small bathrooms. Loose yourself in the trend and modernise your bathroom by eliminating excess details and any other elements that are not completely necessary in the space.

Small bathrooms with a bathtub and a shower

Did you think it was impossible to have a small bathroom with a bathtub and a shower? The space may be too small to install the two elements separately. However, having both systems in the same space is possible.

Achieve it by installing the bathtub in the right area and placing a shower column or a sprinkler shower head. This way, you can enjoy a good bath and a quick shower in the same space, without sacrificing either.

Bathrooms with corner bathtubs

Wondering what to do with the corner of your bathroom? A corner bathtub can be the perfect choice. Bathrooms with this style of bathtub create a sense of space, by using the corner space to install the bathtub and shower.

To do this, you can either choose a bathtub with a corner design or opt for a rectangular bathtub installed in the corner of your bathroom.  We suggest the Marne corner model, with dimensions of 150 x 150 x 180 cm for ideal relaxation.

One thing is for sure: the size of your bathroom should not stop you from unwinding in a bath at the end of the day.

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