Small bathroom designs with shower: create an alcove of wellness

Discover which elements you should incorporate to create a wellness corner in a compact bathroom.Because relaxation is not a matter of size.

Many of the "wellness" bathrooms we are used to seeing boast dimensions that are beyond reach for most homes. But the reality is that we can have small bathrooms with showers that are just as relaxing, if not more so, if we make the most of every inch of our space.

In this post we tell you everything you need to incorporate in the design of a small bathroom in order to turn it into the place of well-being you need.

Small bathroom designs with shower

Fortunately, a shower in a small bathroom can also contribute to creating the feeling of a spa at home if the right technology is incorporated.

In this sense, and in order to democratise Wellness, we offer you a multitude of solutions that allow you to personalise a multiplicity of functions.

Discover them in this post! → How to take your wellness to the next level.

What elements should the shower have in a small bathroom?

In mini bathrooms with a shower, each element is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing the best design. Every choice must be carefully considered to achieve the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Below, we break down the essentials that need to be present in your small bathroom shower in order for you to create an oasis of comfort and beauty in a compact space.

1. Include solutions that allow you to have various water outputs simultaneously.

Touch&Feel provides customisable shower configurations to suit every user. It allows various wellness functions to be activated at the same time, including rain, waterfall, jets, mist or hand shower, with no reduction in pressure. 

The system is very intuitive, as all functions are operated by buttons, each with a small engraved design. A gentle touch changes the shower functions and allows you to submerge yourself in the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Easy to install and maintain with its body built into the wall. The Smart Box version is pre-set for different functions, and is easily accessible for maintenance: you will never need to open up a wall. Suitable for any project as it is supplied with an internal Project Line body.

A customisable shower in terms of:

  • Functions: Offering multiple combinations for the simultaneous use of rain, waterfall, mist, jets, hand shower and bathtub.
  • Models and finishes: you can personalise the trims, and you can choose between chrome and black matte for some models.
  • Mixer or thermostatic option: choose the thermostat model for greater safety and constant water temperature.


2. It incorporates a chromotherapy showerhead

There is a whole universe of ideas around water and its benefits, with therapies that enhance the senses, such as chromotherapy.Whether built-in or external, the Wellness showerheads with this function offer a bath of colour and stimulate the senses.

Emotional technology through indirect, enveloping light that enhances well-being in the shower, available in shower heads such as Lounge and Seasons.

3. Small bathrooms with a soft-touch shower tray

Shower trays are another element that can contribute to a feeling of well-being in the bathroom. Compared to traditional ceramic shower trays, which are colder and more slippery, incorporating a shower tray with a soft touch, such as those in the Zen or Slate Mineral Stone series, is a choice that vastly improves safety. These trays have a soft surface that creates a pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the skin. Positive sensations in the shower.

And these are environmentally-friendly products. ECO Stone uses recycled materials, allowing us to reduce the tonnes of waste that end up in the oceans and seas. ECO Light has a partly-recycled compact flax fibre core that replaces wood.


Ideas for very small bathrooms with shower

Creative ideas and clever solutions such as these can be explored in order to maximise functionality and the feeling of spaciousness in an XS bathroom:

Optimise your space

Carefully planning the layout of the elements in the bathroom is essential.

Think about the layout of the shower, the washbasin, and the toilet in order to optimise flow and functionality. Rearranging these elements strategically can sometimes make the space feel more open and light.

If you want to know more, take a look at this post! → Small bathrooms:How to enhance the sense of space


Follow the "bath storage" trend

In a compact bathroom, smart storage is your best friend. Imagine gravity-defying, floating shelves, built-in cabinets that conceal organisational secrets, and vertical bathroom furniture that makes the most of every inch.

To learn more about this subject and about the best pieces, check out this: Storage ideas for small bathrooms.

Turn on the magic of lighting

The right lighting can make a big difference, especially in small spaces. Consider installing dimmable LED lights on the ceiling or wall to create soft, relaxing ambient lighting.

You can also incorporate mirror lights for better make-up application and shaving. Well-planned lighting can make your bathroom feel bigger.

Play with different tones

Using light, neutral colours on the walls and finishes in the bathroom is an effective way to visually enlarge the space.

White, beige and pastel shades reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness. This also doesn't mean you can't give one particular area a feature colour that is more eye-catching. Touches of colour can be added through accessories and decorative details in order to give the space some personality.


Decorating small bathrooms with modern showers

Decorating elegant small bathrooms with a shower is like a miniature work of art. Every detail counts and every design choice can make your space more welcoming and inviting.

The importance of accessories

While we can't include everything we would like to in such a bathroom necessarily, accessories help us to make the most of the space available.

Accessories that are not only functional, but also stylish, are definitely the way to go. Modern towel racks, stylish soap dispensers, and trays to organise your personal care items can add a touch of luxury.

Mirrors, the reflection of the soul

In small modern bathrooms with a shower, a mirror that is not too big can be your best ally.

In addition to its practical function, it reflects light and creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Best to go with a design that fits the style of your bathroom, whether minimalist, vintage or contemporary, and you will see how your bathroom becomes brighter and more spacious.

Small furniture and shelves, an ideal solution

Small furniture with lots of compartments is ideal for small bathrooms because it allows you to maximise space. This type of furniture offers the possibility of storing towels, products and other essential elements without visually disturbing the whole room.

You can also use shelves, whether floating or wall-mounted, to provide additional space to store or display decorative elements.

In search of wood

Wood is a very versatile material and can add warmth and elegance to your small bathroom. Incorporate this material in the decoration through elements such as furniture, washbasin tops, and on the wall or shelves. Its natural beauty and ability to adapt to different styles make it a perfect timeless choice.

Add freshness with a hint of green

Introducing plants into your bathroom not only brings a natural sense of freshness, but also purifies the air and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Best are indoor plants that thrive in a wet environment, such as ferns and pothos. Place them in decorative pots or on floating shelves to add a touch of greenery and life to your modern bathroom.

Measurements for small bathrooms with shower


Don't know the right size for your bathroom? In this section, we break down the key measurements to consider when planning your mini bathroom with shower, ensuring that every element fits perfectly into the space available.

The area required for a mini bathroom with shower

Before diving into the design of your bathroom, it is crucial to understand the available area. In order to include all the necessary elements for your bathroom (toilet, washbasin and shower), you need to have at least an area of 2.40 m2, approximately 155 cm wide and 155 cm long.

Entrance door opening system

It is generally advisable to use sliding doors that do not take up so much space. You should also bear in mind that a door must be at least 60 cm long to be comfortable and functional.

Dimensions necessary for comfortable use of the toilet

The minimum recommended space for a toilet in a small bathroom is 70 cm x 120 cm, when viewed from above. If there are elements adjacent to the toilet, leave a minimum distance of 15 cm.

We will also consider compact toilet options with a height of 45 cm, which are ideal for mini bathrooms with a shower.

Washbasin dimensions

The minimum recommended size for a single-body washbasin is 45 cm deep by 60 cm wide.

The ideal height of the washbasin is 80 to 90 cm from the floor for average users.

Basic measurements for the shower area

As a general rule, a comfortable shower should not be smaller than 70 cm x 70 cm in order to allow movement inside the shower. The access to the shower also needs a space of 60 cm x 60 cm from the entrance door.

Before we finish:

In short, creating a wellness corner in a small bathroom with shower is possible with clever design and the right choice of elements.

From customisable technology to stylish accessories and space optimisation tips, they all add up.

Considering the recommended sizes of each piece is also essential to ensure comfort and functionality.

No matter the size, you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and style.

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