TechFriendly showers: pure technology that combines comfort, innovation and sustainability

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms se esfuerza en configurar baños que aúnen diseño, estética e innovación para ofrecer una experiencia de ducha completa. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms focuses on designing bathrooms that combine design, aesthetics and innovation which offer a complete and revitalising shower experience.

As a world leader in cutting-edge designs, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms focuses its efforts on designing bathrooms that combine design, aesthetics and innovation which offer the user a complete and revitalising shower experience. The digitalisation of bathroom equipment not only makes life more comfortable and pleasant, but also offers a more customised and practical service to the user: a bathroom for each person.


The lines of MOOD shower taps and Pure Line by Noken guarantee unique functionality and design. Pieces developed with digital technology that guarantees perfect control and ensures an optimal experience in the use of water. The result is a technologically superior product, with which the user can interact intuitively, adapting its use to their individual requirements.

Sustainability and comfort with the MOOD thermostatic shower column

Under a strong futuristic style and a sustainable commitment, the MOOD taps turn the concept of technology on its head with a design whose single gesture puts all the geometry regarding the object in place. A piece that, through the customisation of its functions, allows for important water savings to be achieved, as well as a more pleasant experience in relation to water, the flow and the temperature.

A thermostatic shower column with an intuitive design that facilitates its use and operation, and it is adapted to day-to-day needs through its three water outlets in the shape of rain, waterfall and external outlet, with which the user can connect the hand shower from the same MOOD collection with two functions: rain shower and water mist function.

A maximalist shower with the Pure Line digital thermostatic taps

With minimalist lines and shapes, the Pure Line taps offer a maximalist experience in the bathroom. It is controlled manually or electronically, and it allows for, through the T-start technology, an easy selection regarding: the temperature setting, the flow and the water outlet.

In addition, the use of LED lights that go with all the Pure Line digital elements, make the water temperature visible with just a simple glance, since it goes from blue (cold water) to red (hot water) passing through intermediate shades (purple) for warm water.

The thermostatic mechanics of the collection are also characterized by their adaptation to user comfort. By simple touches and the turning of the knobs, the user can opt for the water temperature and its flow, as well as the different shower outlets, all at the same time.

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