Shower trays in special Finish Studio finishes

Customising our interior spaces is a way of expressing ourselves. That's why consumers are increasingly looking for technology and finishes that can provide warmth and comfort. Our Finish Studio service was born as a response to this trend, as a way of creating bathrooms that can be tailored to ever

The bathroom is an incredibly personal space. It's where we can be private, dedicate time to ourselves and be authentic.

Finish Studio represents a new aesthetic that can be used to create bespoke bathrooms: customised solutions you can express yourself through, such as our shower trays, made for people to live life to the fullest.

We've turned our Slate shower trays into a blank canvas, one that comes to life when we apply our new finishes and aesthetics. They can be customised with digital printing techniques using state-of-the-art UV-LED ink, and the Finish Studio looks we've selected echo the finishes you'd find in nature.

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Slate finish shower trays

Our slate finish stands out for its contemporary aesthetic and the visual sense of safety and non-slip properties it provides. With its varied colours, the slate finish has become more popular over time.

Our Slate shower tray echoes the texture of slate. The special Finish Studio finishes available include Dark Concrete, a shower tray inspired by the stone that stands out for its exceptional non-slip properties. This is one of the safest shower trays when in contact with water, and also benefits from a very low profile meaning it can be installed at ground level, eliminating any architectural barriers.


Wood finish shower trays

A wood finish will always lend a sense of warmth to your bathroom and provide the perfect setting for self-care rituals. But in its natural state it comes with complications. This is an area in constant contact with water and humidity, and it's important to use materials that are safe, damp-proof, resistant, easy to maintain and highly hygienic.

The realistic look of our Slate shower trays in Finish Studio wood finish will make you feel closer to nature. They exude the sense of calm you need in the bathroom, with the added plus of being highly resistant and durable thanks to the mineral and resin based composition. And they're non-slip, antibacterial and feel great. Easy to clean and maintain.

Our wood finishes include Scandinavian Wood, a greyish wood with a minimalist aesthetic; Arce Wood, an incredibly natural, soft and luminous finish; and Cognac Wood, the purest of wood, in a darker finish that suits a more bohemian setting.


Stone inspired shower trays

Stone has serious visual appeal. Evoking the purity of nature, this will bring out your most authentic side. Shower trays in a stone finish are all about simplicity, connection and strength.

Our stone inspired Finish Studio finishes for shower trays include standout options such as Caliza Concrete or Deep Concrete, the perfect representation of that on-trend cement look; or Ivory Stone, for a more classic aesthetic.


Marble inspired shower trays

Natural stone such as marble is one of the most prized materials in interior design. It's a distinctly timeless material with an eternal, elegant aesthetic. But it's also very delicate and porous, with very little resistance against impacts and chemicals such as ink, acetone or cleaning products. And it scratches easily. This is the advantage of Slate shower trays in Finish Studio finishes: you get the premium look of natural stone - with added resistance.


These are finishes that breathe sophistication. If your bathroom has a classic look in warm sandy tones, you could go for the Travertino Marble finish for a Travertine marble inspired shower tray. If you're looking for a more minimalist, brighter aesthetic, Carrara Marble has the look of white marble - just perfect for smaller bathrooms. And if you want to take sophistication to the next level, black is the perfect choice. Our Marquina Stone finish features delicate white veins giving it stunning contrast.



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