Shower or bathtub: make the best choice for your bathroom

Una de las disyuntivas más extendidas a la hora de configurar un ambiente de baño en el hogar es la de decantarse por la instalación de una ducha o bañera.

When designing a bathroom at home, we face the dilemma of opting for the installation of either a shower or a bathtub. In both cases, design plays an important role, but this role is even bigger as far as functionality, space availability, and the necessary requirements are concerned. Fitting out a large bathroom is not the same as doing a small one, and furthermore, the fact that the bathroom is used for just a person is far different from a whole family’s way of using it.

If we take all these features into account, we can find both advantages and disadvantages regarding the installation of a shower or a bathtub, which must be taken into consideration before making the final decision.

Advantages of installing a bathtub

If there is an advantage that determines the installation of a bathtub in the bathroom, then it simply has to be both sophistication and excellence. The bathtub becomes the centre of attention in the bathroom, by bringing together almost the whole decorative style and at the same time, it becomes the focus of attention. Furthermore, nowadays we can find highly contemporary minimalist bathtub designs which are able to delight interior design and turn it into something very exclusive and unique.

By being faithful to the latest trends in design and striving to reduce design to the minimum without compromising excellence, Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from  PORCELANOSA Grupo proposes its sumptuous freestanding bathtubs. The Lounge collection, for instance, is a very delicate and exquisite series, integrating a freestanding bathtub in an oval or square format. The most classical and Belle Epoque charm is done by Chelsea and its freestanding bathtub, a luxury project for a modern bathroom.

Another advantage of a bathtub at the expense of a shower is the possibility of taking a relaxing bath after a long stressful working day. The whirltubs and whirlpools take on   importance in this respect. With Soleil or minimal, Noken offers the possibility of enjoying the maximum comfort of a bubble bath, together with the intrinsic benefits of water.

And if an entire family lives at home, it is especially important to have a functional bathtub so that the smallest and youngest members of the family can enjoy their bath, as well as being able to enjoy their favourite games while bathing and relaxing.

Advantages of installing a shower

The first of the advantages and one of the most important in opting for the installation of a shower is the provision of a small bathroom space. A shower takes up much less space than a bathtub, and it also offers a high adaptability to any space. There are shower models of all kinds of sizes, colours, designs and shapes, and its access becomes much easier and faster. A crucial point is whether there are old people with reduced mobility, who may have some handicap in relation to getting in a conventional bathtub.

Saving water is, moreover, a plus for the shower installation. According to many studies, showering instead of taking a bath is a great water saver, providing that is used responsibly.

In addition, it should be noted that if a priori comfort and relaxation are done by the use of bathtubs, there is currently shower equipment capable of providing total comfort that both awakens and enlivens the senses. Noken includes in its product catalogue showerheads with chromotherapy and several water outlets such as the Lounge series, or the possibility of incorporating jets into the shower. And if you want to save even more space, there are ultra-slim and ceiling mounted showerheads, such as the NK Logic, Giro or Neptune Slim, showerheads, in a round or square format.

Shower and bathtub. The perfect choice

Whatever the choice is, it is ideal, if you have the necessary space, you opt for the installation of at least a shower and a bathtub at home, so that you can benefit from the advantages of both in your everyday life.

Design trends also go through the combination of both in a single bathroom space, bathrooms with bathtub and shower, so the bathing experience is fully integrated and functional. Thus, a bath or a shower can be opted for, according to our mood.

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