Sanitaryware just a few centimetres above the floor: the trend that extols your bathroom and makes it more functional

Noken propone acogerse a los inodoros suspendidos. El estilo sencillo o ‘minimal’ es uno de los estilos decorativos más en boga en los últimos tiempos.

Simple style or 'minimal' is one of the most decorative styles in fashion in recent times. As in any other room at home, the motto "less is more" appears in bathroom design done by Noken and its more functional bathroom equipment. PORCELANOSA Grupo has perfect solutions for compact or small-sized bathrooms such as wall hung sanitaryware in its product catalogue.

Following the latest trends in design, but without neglecting the best customer service while in search of unique experiences inside the bathroom, Noken proposes several models of wall hung sanitaryware, including collections such as Mood, Lounge, Forma or NK Concept, among others.

Wall hung sanitaryware advantages

Despite its small variations in design, every wall hung sanitaryware collection from Noken offers a number of advantages that floor mounted sanitaryware cannot offer, for instance, the possibility of adjusting the sanitaryware height installation or easy-cleaning. Since they are high in the air, these sanitaryware models are easy-to-clean underneath, thus preventing dirt accumulation.

Space saving is another advantage that these bathroom products offer, which is a perfect option for a bathroom measuring just a few metres. By having a hidden cistern system, greater visual lightness is achieved, while the same sanitaryware also gets downsized.

The sober and simple wall hung sanitaryware lines are becoming both popular and a trend since they extol both pure bathroom design and slender beauty. Noken also increases the minimalist elegance through sophisticated creations that not only embellish but also make any bathroom space stand out.

Noken designs within reach and at 360 degrees

In order to delight you with the wall hung sanitaryware projects from Noken, the firm offers you a virtual space where you can see them in three dimensions and at 360 degrees. Noken puts its technology in reach so that you can see, and almost touch the most amazing designs.

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