Round mirrors: geometric perfection, balance and softness

21st-century bathrooms bank on the shape of the moment: the circle. It is represented in mirrors, and other bathrooms items, such as basins and shower equipment.

The circle is one of the perfect shapes in geometry, and it is usually found in nature. By trying to provide the spaces with that natural perfection, the interior design banks on the circle as the means of achieving greater fluidness and movement, as well as harmony and softness. To be more specific, it is because of that ability to provide order and balance to the design, that round shapes turn out to be one of the leading principles which the Feng Shui philosophy stands for. A philosophy which nowadays, has been brought to the world of bathrooms.  

Minimalism and industrial style: aesthetic versatility in round mirrors

Mirrors are one of the pieces in the bathroom where the round shape leads the way. Both inside and outside the bathroom, where the round shape is a must for enhancing minimal, industrial and classical styles.  

Some advantages of round bathroom mirrors

Apart from their functionality and importance for people’s everyday use, one of the benefits of mirrors is that, once being placed strategically, they enhance the spaciousness of the bathroom by making it look bigger. Depth is combined with natural light projection, creating continuity in the interior. As far as the advantages of the round mirrors are concerned, one can find versatility. They fit in any place depending on the format, therefore becoming a highly suitable option for small bathrooms.  

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers different options for round mirrors which meet the demands of any bathroom type. They range from the mirrors with a black and white matt frame in lacquered wood, which are suitable for industrial bathrooms; to more technological mirrors, namely, the Forma mirror with LED lighting or the Tono mirror with a perimetral light and with the option of having a magnetic magnifying mirror installed. With regard to more minimal and classical styles, Noken offers the Forma mirror with smooth and rounded edges, as well as the round mirror with a frame on the mirror itself.  





Round 'Mood': integral sinuosity for your bathroom

Round mirrors are not the only option when seeking geometric sinuosity in the bathroom and a feeling of balance.  

With regard to those bathtubs with electronic equipment, Noken offers the Soleil bathtub, which is available for interiors and exteriors alike. Furthermore, it can be installed with up to five different types of electronic equipment which include: hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy; depending on the user’s choice. Feng Shui relaxation, along with the healing benefits of water.  

As well as that, the round design is trendy for the shower, and even more so when combined with one of the leading finishes around, namely: the black matt finish. This option is available for the Round shower taps, both in the thermostatic and mixer version, which can be combined with the Neptune Slim round shower head and the Giro jets. Totally black which, is perfect for the shower.  




Lounge and Tono basins: a signature design in a round format

The round format is one of the biggest possibilities which ceramic basins can offer. In countertop basins, Noken offers several basin options in this shape, which are those from the Lounge and Tono series.  

Tono, designed by the renowned Foster+Partners British studio and manufactured in the high-range Noken Ceramic, is a highly-functional round design. It is excellently complemented with the taps from the series.  





Lounge, created by Simone Micheli, which focuses on Italian fineness, is an elegant sculptural piece with a design that has no overflow or any fine edges. Its excellence gets the most out of the integral signature bathroom, thanks to the Lounge taps and the furniture from the series in their Premium and Azul Noche versions.  




Light fixtures: strategic points of light in a round design

Light is a must in a space like the bathroom. Wall lamps enhance the lighting of the rooms and gear it towards those points where it is needed most, such as the basin area and close to the mirror.  

The Forma wall lamp in a round design performs that function when being applied on the mirror. A complement that is both useful and dynamic in a bathroom which is aesthetically round.  

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