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When renovating the bathroom, as with other rooms in the house such as the bedroom, it is important to find the ideal solution to make the best use of space and create a practical layout.

This is not just about aesthetics, but about designing spaces that seamlessly adapt to the needs and daily routines of the occupants at every stage of their lives.

A well-designed bathroom offers more than just comfort and functionality. It also plays an important role in enhancing well-being and promoting relaxation. And when renovating a bedroom, the aim is also to create a space that promotes rest and relaxation by making the most of every inch of available space.

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Therefore, the pursuit of an ideal layout becomes the foundation for turning a house into a truly inviting and practical environment, where every corner has a specific function and plays a significant role in improving the quality of life for its occupants.

How to refurbish my bathroom to get just what I want

From downsizing the bathroom without sacrificing functionality or design, to upgrading another room that you attach more importance to in your everyday life, such as an office area because you now work from home, or a dressing room in the adjoining bedroom because fashion is your thing... 'Expanding' your sanctuary of tranquillity by creating a real spa in the comfort of your own home, apart from continuing to enjoy the practicality of a space like the bathroom for daily hygiene routines... Everyone is different and so are their preferences in the home.

Noken firmly believes that there is a solution to every interior design challenge.

It is with this conviction that we have launched Reformart, our new help and advice section to help you realise your interior design and renovation dreams.

Today we present the first 2 cases solved by our interior design experts:

Reformart case 1: how to reform a bathroom to create new spaces

While we may believe that a small bathroom poses limitations, in certain instances, it can be exactly what we need. This first scenario, like all those we will unveil, is built on the foundation of a challenge-solution approach.

  • Challenge: I have a bedroom and bathroom which measure 18.53m2. Can I add a walk-in wardrobe?
  • Solution: Add a bathroom with shower in the bedroom to create space for the walk-in wardrobe you always wanted to have.
  • The key: Opening up and reorganising rooms. And also removing generally less strategic elements such as the bidet.
  • The result: Before the bathroom renovation, the bathroom averaged 6.19m2. After the reorganisation, the bathroom measures 5.34m2 and the walk-in wardrobe 2.41m2. Homeowners can now enjoy the ease of everyday life by dressing comfortably, with organised and visible clothing, thanks to their new wardrobe.

Before and after plans for Reformart case 1

Reformart case study 2: how to renovate your bathroom to take your Wellness to the next level

Unlike the previous case, here we are focusing on larger bathrooms. With ample space to work with, it becomes possible to create a sanctuary of self-care, allowing for greater flexibility in design choices.

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  • Challenge: Children grow up and leave home. Can we join their bathroom with ours to create a spa?
  • Solution: Combine both rooms and add a bathtub and other luxurious Wellness amenities to indulge your senses.
  • The key: Rearrange each component of the puzzle in order to achieve the perfect final outcome.
  • The result: The combination of the two bathrooms increases their potential and results in a spacious area of 8.63 m2, which gives the users a remarkable feeling of relaxation and well-being.

The enlargement of the space also opens up the possibility of creating a double bathroom, perfect for increasing comfort and maintaining a modern lifestyle.

Before and after plans for Reformart case 2

These are just some bathroom renovation ideas - the possibilities are endless, as people have so many different ideas and tastes. With that in mind, we have curated a collection of articles to inspire you if you are contemplating a bathroom remodel:

And, of course, if you want us to discuss your specific case, please send us a DM via Instagram. We will be happy to advise you!

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