Pure and experiential minimalist bathrooms: NK Concept, Hotels and Urban C

Algunas de las colecciones más aptas de Noken para crear un ambiente minimalista en el baño son las colecciones NK Concept, Hotels y Urban C. ¡Descúbrelas!

Tireless, audacious and relentless. Minimalism has broken into interior design in such a way that it has become one of the most coveted and current decorative styles. Spaces where we only worry about the senses, the essence provided by its designs, infinite lines, the balance of its shapes and its delicate volumes.

Atmospheres where we forget about everything that is not relevant. Stopping time to pay tribute to the origin and the simplicity in their purest form. Rooms with peaceful atmospheres which conjure up a unique bathroom experience.

Some of the most suitable collections by Noken that recreate a minimalist atmosphere in the bathroom are the NK Concept, Hotels and Urban C collections. Three collections of imposing singularity and quality, capable of providing an unmatched aesthetic, as well as a functional and practical service for its users.

NK concept: the power of refinement and simplicity

The NK Concept collection is capable of recreating an experiential room, along with offering complete escapism from our daily lives. The sanitaryware, taps, basins series and NK Concept storage solutions meet the requirements of dynamic aesthetic bathroom equipment with simple, pure and refined designs. Far from the glitz, NK Concept with its floor mounted elements becomes the ideal collection for compact and small dimension bathrooms. Rounded corners and sinuous curves provide the interior design with an optimum practicality, as well as a modern and timeless look, which is free of excess.

Hotels: minimal elegance to awaken our senses 

The Hotels Collection’s elegant character is undeniable. This collection with neat and symmetrical lines is capable of recreating a real temple of relaxation through its sophisticated and simple designs. Combined with noble materials and a well-lit atmosphere, this collection responds to the needs of a 100% space experience, filled with personality and character.

Taps, basins, sanitaryware, accessories and wall lights which together recreate an atmosphere full of style and design.

Urban C: functionality for urban bathrooms 

In line with the hottest trends, the Urban C collection appears, which is a solid-looking bathroom equipment design which contrasts with the delicacy of its minimalist cuts. Making a commitment to Urban C means having the naturality of a simple and sophisticated design, cozy and cosmopolitan with concealed cistern toilets, taps with LED technology, accessories, wall lights, along with different basin designs. A small haven for relaxing the body and the mind deep inside the big city. Never before had urban style and zen been so united.

03. baños-minimalista-urban-c-concept

To sum up, three bathroom designs that enhance the balance between simplicity, sobriety and rhythm which minimalist style denotes. Three blank canvases in which to combine the different materialisations of purity with the most cutting-edge designs.

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