Pure Line: the winding and advanced taps that stand out at the 23rd Porcelanosa International Exhibition

Noken se aferra a la atemporalidad para lanzar sus novedosas y tecnológicas griferías Pure Line en la XXIII Porcelanosa Exhibition.

Noken faces the 23rd edition of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Global Architecture International Exhibition with the challenge of continuing to offer the most innovative and sophisticated solutions for bathroom equipment. From the 25th to the 29th of January, thousands of professionals in architecture and interior design from around the world can visit the exclusive exhibition hall, a space where they see at first-hand the most sumptuous designs for the bathroom with the latest technology.

Noken looks for comfort in the timinglessness and the sinuous language of shapes to raise its innovative and technological Pure Line taps in the bathroom products Olympus. An elegant range of solutions along with the basins line, including exquisite and functional basins taps, shower taps and bathtub taps, combining a total look full of exclusivity and distinction.

Regarding the new Pure Line basin taps collection, this is minimalist, elegant and easy to use. For its high-tech functionality, it becomes a pioneer and innovator in bathroom design solutions, while transforming the user experience to make full use of it.  Just by pressing the lever button, the user activates the taps’ control and can shut it down later using the same procedure. This lever must be simply turned right or left to control the temperature, while using the simple and intuitive on/off mode helps towards water saving and environmental awareness.

Pure Line shower taps also has a control panel that serves as a simple and intelligent interface. from this, it is possible to manipulate the three water ways from a single device, simply touching and rotating. However, to enable the shower modes just press the function buttons according to each icon, indicating these different available shower functions. The water flow rate, meanwhile, is handled independently for each of the elements, letting the user choose whether to enjoy a soft shower, or with the strong and intense water that the jets offer.

For its smart design, its intuitive and easy installation, this innovative shower tap model is the ideal solution for both individuals and professionals, such as installers or interior designers.

Bringing together several separate controls into one single device, Noken offers in its innovative Pure Line shower taps, a wall mounted match with a high spout as well as a geometrical back plate. The prominent handle is used to control precisely the water temperature, using a thermostat. With regard to the shower modes, the generous lever allows you to enjoy two spray functions, just by pressing one button.

These and other developments in bathroom equipment will be available until next January 29th in the exclusive Noken showroom for the 23rd PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition.

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