Pure Line kitchen taps: design and technology in the most functional spaces

Noken, firma de PORCELANOSA Grupo, posee en su catálogo de propuestas para grifería de cocina series como Pure Line, con una estética innovadora y elegante.

The kitchen is, together with the bathroom, one of the most functional rooms. However, current trends go further and this leads to a new kitchen concept, just as comfortable and practical, but much more experiential, modern and elegant.

Through the new kitchen equipment, the art of cooking is easy and comfortable, but in addition to this, a high level of elegance and uniqueness in the design are also highlighted. This way, modern kitchens are kitchens that do not seem to be like that, with innovative materials, hidden module units and excellent taps.

In short, current kitchens are highly-functional, manufactured with the best materials with a design which is entirely suited to the user’s needs. Nevertheless, they have a high experiential component which lets the user tap into their culinary creativity, turning the kitchen into the perfect place for sharing great moments.


Noken and its kitchen taps: innovation, aesthetics and practical character

In this modern kitchen design, the kitchen taps are the key element. They must have an innovative elegant aesthetics, but at the same time be practical and comfortable in relation to the daily use. Noken, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, offers series in its kitchen tap design catalogue which bring together all those features, such as the Pure Line collection.

One can find the kitchen digital taps in the Pure Line collection. The same as the rest of pieces making up this series, the minimalism in design and the highest functionality come together in one single element.

Pure Line taps

The kitchen taps by Noken have been designed to cover the needs of a market which is in continuous development. Therefore, the Pure Line taps, thanks to the use of technology, offer an easy and intuitive use.

Regarding the Pure Line taps, we highlight how they are provided with a circular remote control. This is characterised by showing the same design details which provide modern-styled taps with allure, which amaze and entice everyone. In order to start the taps, pressing the external remote control is enough. Once the tap has been started, it is worth highlighting that by turning the remote control, one can regulate the temperature. However, in order to change the water flow rate, it is only necessary to press down on the remote control for two seconds.


Additionally, and for greater user-friendliness, the Pure Line taps are provided with a Led-light ring. Its objective is to make the design stand out while it gives us visual information about the water temperature.

One of the other features of the compact Pure Line remote control is that it can be installed in any position, and also on any countertop surface. Therefore, the design is customised and the user can experience the highest level of comfort.

Pure Line: an exclusive universal design that enhances versatility in the kitchen.


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