How to equip public toilets: aspects to take into account

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 31 ago 2018
  • Because of the demand placed on public toilets, several aspects in the equipment must be considered, such as hygiene, durability or easy maintenance.
  • Collections such as Hotels, Urban C or Round turn out to be ideal on account of their practicality and contribution to accessibility, among others.

Schools, hospitals, offices, administration buildings. There are different types of public spaces. Among their features, one can find the high traffic and use of the facilities for lots of users every day, so when it comes to doing the interior design, some specifications must be considered.  

In the toilets, choosing the suitable equipment for public spaces becomes even more vital, since the best hygiene is a must, along with an easy maintenance and increased safety for people.  


Aspects to take into account in public toilets

Hygiene. It is essential when it comes to choosing the public toilet equipment in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria as much as possible. Specific materials such as Noken Ceramic help to get a much easier cleaning and less dirt, thanks to their flat surface and low porosity. The high-class ceramic from Noken is also a very long-lasting material which is resistant to chemical products.

Easy to clean and easy maintenance.  In public spaces, non-stop cleaning is essential, hence, counting on an equipment which makes that job easier becomes an added bonus for the project.  

Durability and resistance.  The high traffic and non-stop use demand long-lasting and highly-resistant toilet items. The taps from Noken, for instance, are protected with a double layer of nickel and chrome for a longer duration of the chrome finish.  




Reliability.  The toilet equipment for public spaces must be practical and functional, as well as reliable and safe for people. All these features can only be achieved with quality equipment, based on the meticulous care that is put into every single detail during its manufacturing process. The Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms pieces, have obtained international certification, providing the highest guarantee and safety.  

Sustainability. The non-stop use of public facilities leads to banking on sustainable equipment which contributes to water and energy savings alike. Public spaces must ensure universal access for all people. In Noken’s catalogue of products, one can find a huge number of solutions which guarantee the accessibility for people with reduced mobility, therefore providing them with easy use of the toilet space.  




Noken banks on the functional design

Wall-hung sanitaryware.  Apart from having the design simplified, the wall-hung sanitaryware makes easy cleaning and maintenance of the pieces that much easier, even removing all the accumulated dirt underneath. Their concealed-body installation system makes the cistern remain hidden, and those elements which can gather bacteria and dirt are out of sight. In addition, anti-vandalism flush buttons and IR flush valves are available for automatic discharge. Hotels, Urban C and Arquitect are three perfect collections for public toilets, all of them being provided with the Eco dual flush system for a water saving.   

Urinals.  Essential pieces for toilets in public spaces. Noken offers different types of installation for urinals, from wall concealed flush buttons to IR flush valves. The dividers, for its part, allow greater intimacy for the user.  




Taps with sensors. Specifically thought up for only using the water that is needed. Irta, Hotels or Square are the three collections of bathroom taps with sensors which are offered by Noken, as well as Tono by Foster+Partners for the most exclusive public toilet space. Another type of available tap is the temporized one, which is also in favour of a less water consumption.  




Equipment for the accessibility. Thought up for being used in any kind of project, public ones included. In this regard, Noken offer a wide range of PMR pieces and accessories for people with reduced mobility, such as sanitaryware, taps and other complements which make accessibility easier.

Bathroom accessories.  Public toilets require specific toilet and bathroom accessories for this type of project. Noken counts on these types of pieces which are exclusively geared to public toilets, such as a zig-zag paper dispenser, a hand drier with sensor, or a roll holder and soap dispensers, with the latter coming with anti-vandalism protection.  

Hotels and Round series. Perfect for any type of project, public toilets included. With regard to Hotels, apart from the sanitaryware, we highlight the subtle elegant style of its taps, as well as the bathroom furniture in a natural ash wood finish. As far as Round taps are concerned, it includes the sophistication of the black matt finish, along with its sustainable character, since it is provided with the cold-opening system and the flow limiter for water and energy savings.