Practical and silent taps with Smartbox, and now for embedded bathrooms too

En nuevo modelo de SmartBox para lavabo ofrece una mayor libertad a la hora de proyectar los espacios de baño más exigentes, permitiendo instalar griferías más silenciosas de forma más sencilla.

After the magnificent welcome of the SmartBox system from Noken , we have decided to widen the applications of this practical solution in the setting up of embedded showers and bathtubs by means of a new option, which makes it easier to place the taps for washbasins  so that we get functional bathroom spaces of any style.

The new SmartBox model for washbasins offers more freedom when projecting the most demanding of bathroom spaces, and it does allow for setting up taps in a vertical way as well as in horizontal by means of a quick and easy process where the performance times are notably reduced.

Just as it happens in the rest of the SmartBox models, the solution for washbasins integrates the mixer system into a small size box which isolates the noise produced by the vibrations of the pipes due to the running water. This way we get much more silent taps.

In addition to that, it is important to highlight the aesthetic value of the SmartBox system, since the system of the mixer remains hidden on the wall, more room is gained and the possibilities of the layout of the bathroom components  are increased. And at the same time, it is compatible with any type of washbasins, with a wide range of choices between the various models from the Noken catalogue.

Therefore, we are dealing with a flexible solution which adapts to any kind of designs and bathroom systems, so it can be set up even before the choice of the tap model or the finishing touches, avoiding the replacement of the whole system in case of changing the taps or in case of refurbishment projects.

For all of these reasons, SmartBox becomes an advanced technical and unique option in the market. Likewise it is well valued by architects and interior designers when carrying out their most demanding projects, such as hotels and public spaces, because of the superb technical output involving this new Noken solution, which adapts to most of the series of Noken taps.

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