NEW Oxo elements. New taps, column and worktop with built-in basin

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Date: 23 sep 2019

At Cersaie 2019, the collection is updated with new elements for the comprehensive bathroom.

 Oxo is included in the Signature Collection designed exclusively for Noken with the quality seal of the company.

The Oxo collection is made up of worktops, shelves and auxiliary furniture. A unit set which allows the bathroom to be custom-made due to its different combinatorial possibilities.

But, beyond its versatility, one of its main features is its wall tile with XTONE, the sintered mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo, in two finishes: Glem Nature and Bottega Acero.

It is material which makes the technical features grow: scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant, highly waterproof and liquid-resistant, with a level of absorption close to zero, making it ideal for wet areas. It is hygienic and easy to clean, since its low porosity prevents dirt from seeping in, as well as any build-up of bacteria. A natural and recyclable product which is environmentally friendly.




Bathroom worktops with the Oxo built-in basin: visual homogeneity

Recently, the worktop with a built-in basin has been included in the collection, which, like the rest of the furniture in the collection, is coated with XTONE, the PORCELANOSA Grupo sintered mineral. It comes in two finishes, namely: Glem Nature and Bottega Acero.

The worktop with built-in basin allows the design to be homogeneous by providing continuity to the worktop in the basin. 100% comprehensive bathrooms if we add the installation of the material as a wall tile. Available in different sizes, as well as in worktops and built-in taps.

Highly resistant Premium pieces for bathroom design.




Oxo taps: hydrodynamic energy

The Oxo series is also extended with the new bathroom taps in three finishes: chrome, brushed titanium and black matt. A modern and exclusive design which works as a unique sculptural piece for the bathroom, thanks to the avant-garde lines. A futuristic design inspired by aerodynamics. A unique sculptural piece for the bathroom thanks to the cutting-edge lines.

With an adjustable aerator in the basin versions which allows for the water outlets to be adjusted.

Thoroughly designed to encourage ecological awareness, the new Oxo tap is an ECO design, which limits water consumption to a maximum of 5L per minute and it has a cold opening, a temperature control which contributes to energy savings.

Its Maximum Chrome finish offers extra resistance and long-lasting durability in wet areas. A practical and usable tap for every day.




The new Oxo shower column: a structural and sustainable piece

The new Oxo thermostatic column includes the new Touch & Feel system, through which people can select the water outlet and its flow with a simple touch. An intuitive use for maximum comfort.

A tap which banks on safety, with a stop at 38º and cold body; it also prevents burns, since, if the cold water was cut off, the hot water would be cut off automatically as well.

Our Oxo thermostatic tap offers maximum comfort to reach the temperature more quickly, and furthermore, it contributes to energy savings, keeping the water temperature constant and preventing waste due to pressure changes.

Cutting-edge technology for a piece with a design which includes a glass shelf combined with a metal front. The shelf will be available in two finishes: white and black.

The Oxo series belongs to the Signature Collection, the Premium range by Noken designed exclusively by and for this company.