NEW Oxo: Key pieces from this cutting-edge collection

An impactful freestanding bathtub, a shower head with waterfall and rain options, and unique taps are some of the key pieces in this OXO collection. Discover them for yourself.

Oxo is a modular range, so the bathroom can be fully customised thanks to the multiple possibilities for combinations.

It's simply perfect to lose yourself with the new geometric elements in the collection, providing a touch of modernity with their straight lines, angles, and pure forms.

This innovative Oxo bathtub is truly stunning

If there is one element that defines this freestanding bathtub, it's the originality of its shape paired with the combination of finishes.

OXO bathtub in blue and white


The aerodynamic and futuristic shapes breathe life into this recent addition to the collection. A true gem for the bathroom that is sure to steal the show.

Thanks to its perfectly studied ergonomics, the bathtub has a modern touch without sacrificing comfort or functionality.


Oxo taps: hydrodynamic energy

The Oxo series includes design taps, both high and low rise, which are available in five finishes:chrome, brushed titanium and matt black. A modern, exclusive design that becomes a unique sculptural piece in the bathroom thanks to its state-of-the-art lines. A futuristic design inspired by aerodynamics.

Oxo taps in chrome, brushed titanium and matt black


Thanks to Noken Eco-Flow technology, you can use up to 89% less water. This system works with an aerator which limits the flow to a fixed rate, regardless of pressure. A WaterForest design.

The chrome finish in Maximum Chrome provides extra strength and durability in wet areas. Practical taps for everyday use.

Merging its cutting-edge style with the handcrafted essence of the Slender washbasins has proved a great success.

Oxo taps with Slender washbasin

If you prefer, you can opt for recessed taps to give your project an extra special something.

OXO recessed taps


Oxo shower head as a tool for your well-being

The Oxo shower head, with its minimalist design featuring simple straight lines, imparts a strength upon your space.

Strength not only in design, but also in well-being thanks to its rain and waterfall functions, bringing the natural world in.

Oxo shower head


Oxo rain and waterfall shower head


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Chrome, matt black and brushed titanium are the 3 finishes ready to give your bathroom a personal touch with an OXO shower head.

Oxo shower head in matt black

Oxo shower head in matt black


Oxo shower column

Ecology, innovation and comfort are the three requirements that underpin our thermostatic shower columns.

It also features Noken Eco-Flow technology, which helps to customise the user experience, while reducing water usage with its flow limiter at 12 l/min.

Oxo shower column in matt black


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